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General Purpose Waterborne SBR Adhesive for Wet Lamination of Porous Substrates

Adhesives Formulation

Applicable Type
Applicable Base Polymer
Applicable Industrial Sectors

Applicable Base Polymer Properties

Latex (emulsion) SBR is extensively used in coated papers, being one of the most cost-effective resins to bind pigmented coatings. It is also used in building applications, as a sealing and bonding agent. In this application SBR is used as an alternative to PVAc. It is more expensive but offers better durability, reduced shrinkage and increased flexibility, as well as being resistant to emulsification in damp conditions.

Typical Formulation Ingredients

Parts by weight
Carboxylated styrene butadiene latex emulsion (Euclid Chemical) 
Thickener (Acrysol ASE-95, Dow Chemical) 
Surfactant (Calsoft BD-40, Pilot Chemical) 

Typical Properties

Brookfield viscosity, cps 


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Resulting Properties

The General Purpose Waterborne SBR Adhesive for Wet Lamination of Porous Substrates formulation offers low raw materials cost and high bond strength. It may be used for wet lay-up laminations for a variety of materials when one of the substrates is porous to allow moisture to escape. The source of this formulation is Adhesives Formulary Handbook, NIIR Board, Asia Pacific Business Press, Inc., 2010, pp. 90-91.

  • Good adhesion to paper, spunbonded polypropylene and glass fiber.
  • Good adhesion to polyethylene, foil, and many other combinations when either or both of the substrates are porous and can allow moisture to escape.

Tips and Tricks

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