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Adhesives Ingredients
The material selection platform
Adhesives Ingredients

Polyterpene / Polyethylene HMA for Coating Labels

Adhesives Formulation

Applicable Type
Applicable Base Polymer
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Applicable Base Polymer Properties

Polyolefins are generally not thought of as adhesives because as a substrate they are so hard to bond. However, polyolefin resins make excellent hot melt adhesives because they do have a low surface energy and wet most polymeric and metallic substrates.

Adhesives that are based on polyolefin resins are used mainly as hot melt adhesives in either block or film form. In film form, they provide excellent peel strength as a hot laminating adhesive for plastic films and metallic foils. Polyethylene adhesive films are also used in extrusion coating. In this application a ply of polyethylene is extruded onto a structure to provide a heat sealing medium for later bonding.

Typical Formulation Ingredients

Parts by weight
Polyethylene resin (medium viscosity ~8000 cps) 
Polyterpene tackifier (Piccolyte, Pinova) 
Polybutene 32 isobutene polymer (Chevron Chemical) 
Tackifier (Piccolastic A-50 , CAS 98-82-8) 

Typical Properties

The product is activated by heating to about 465°F 
Resistant to oxidation and UV light 
Good low temperature flexibility 


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Resulting Properties

The formulation presented here show properties which make it highly desirable in:

  • General labeling, and
  • Packaging applications

Its main application is as a hot melt label coating adhesive that is activated by high temperatures. The Polybutene 32 isobutene polymer acts as a plasticizer and is especially effective in improving low temperature flexibility.

Polyolefins such as polyethylene hot melt adhesive have good thermal stability (minimal color changes and reduced gel formation on standing in the melter). Ring and ball softening points are generally in the 100°-130°C range. Melt viscosities can have a wide range due to molecular design and additives. Polyolefins are compatible with many tackifiers. Many are also approved by FDA for direct food contact and are oil and water resistant.

(Source: Adhesives Formulary Handbook, NIIR Board, Asia Pacific Business Press, Inc., 2010, p. 335)

Tips and Tricks

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