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Adhesives Makers in Germany Predict Growth on Exports

Published on 2010-09-29. Author : SpecialChem

DÜSSELDORF, Germany -- At a Press Conference it was informed that after 3% drop in the industrial revenue last year, there has been an increase in the industry revenue. The revenue this year will be approximately 3.1 billion euros. The adhesives manufacturers like Henkel AG, Beiersdorf AG and other competitors in Germany are predicting a 6 percent increase in sales from their existing operations mainly due to exports.

There has been a gain of 11% in the manufacturers' revenue and 13 % rise in the sales abroad by German companies. IVK is expecting a record increase in the production of adhesives. The carmakers and the electronics industry are advancing the demand.

As per IVK President Boris Tasche the global economic recovery has brought about growing demand for adhesives, especially in Russia, the U.S. and China. Even the increase in the price of raw materials will not affect much as it the industry will be able to substitute some commodities with other materials.

As per IVK the packaging accounted for 35 percent of adhesives-industry revenue last year, carmaking represented 17 percent and electronics producers 7 percent.

About IVK

The IVK represents adhesives manufacturers, producers of self- adhesive tapes and glue producers.

Source: SpecialChem Editorial Team
(Based on information displayed on http://www.businessweek.com)

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