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Flow-Tite® Shrink Rollstock Gets AmeriStar Packaging Award: Bemis

Published on 2016-12-02. Author : SpecialChem

OSHKOSH, Wisconsin -- Bemis Company has been recognized by the Institute of Packaging Professionals with the AmeriStar Packaging Award for Bemis®Flow-Tite® shrink rollstock.

Low Leak rate to Ensure Consumer Satisfaction

Flow-Tite® shrink rollstock offers reduced labor costs by 50% or more, while also reducing rework by 50% or more. With advanced sealant technology, Flow-Tite® lowers the leaker rate to further ensure consumer safety and satisfaction.

Flow-Tite® Shrink Rollstock
Flow-Tite® Shrink Rollstock
This shrink bag alternative creates a more streamlined and automated process which allows our customers to experience improved worker ergonomics as well as increased throughput in meat production. By eliminating steps in the packaging process, Bemis® Flow-Tite® delivers significant total cost savings.

Features of Bemis® Flow-Tite

  • This transformative packaging film delivers production efficiencies by improving processing throughput by 5-10% which increases speed to market for the customers.
  • Additionally, Flow-Tite® reduces SKUs by 90% through automatic package adjustment features which accommodate various meat cuts, providing simpler inventory management.

About Bemis

Bemis works collaboratively with forward-thinking customers to deliver inspired food and consumer packaging that enables customer success. Bemis is committed to high quality execution and technical support that provides peace of mind to our customers. Bemis in North America is part of Bemis Company, Inc., a global packaging company with 61 facilities and 18,000 employees worldwide. With a presence across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Bemis offers scope and expertise that helps our customers succeed.

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Source: Bemis
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