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AMI DODUCO Expands its European Silver Powder Production

Published on 2009-02-09. Author : SpecialChem

PFORZHEIM, Germany -- AMI DODUCO, a Technitrol company, announced the completion of a two-year expansion of silver powder production and recovery capacity in Europe.

Despite recent negative overall trends in industrial markets, demand for silver powders globally has been driven by growth in wind and solar energy, fuel cell and thermal management technologies. Other innovative applications such as antibacterial coatings, conductive polymer systems and ceramic and metallic sinter materials are also less affected by the current market downturn. They all call for silver powder of the highest purity and in a variety of classifications.

AMI DODUCO has at its disposal a wide range of different manufacturing processes to meet these requirements, including:
  • Atomization of molten silver, which produces a high-tap-density powder made up of spherical particles;
  • Electrolysis, which produces dendritic to crystalline forms; and
  • Precipitation, which chemically creates very fine agglomerated powders with large specific surfaces.

These capabilities, coupled with AMI DODUCO's technical know-how, enable customers to specify exact blends of powders to achieve performance characteristics within tolerances otherwise unattainable.

Subsequently milling fine powders produces silver flakes with special flow properties. In addition to the surface finish, the subsequent processes depend on particle size distribution and morphology.

Silver has the highest conductivity of all metals, a property it brings to preparations and materials made from it. Once in powder form, silver can be processed without further need for high temperatures. With the appropriate production techniques, silver powder products can then be used to create conductive paints, adhesives and pastes.

Because silver powder production and silver recovery form a closed loop, both are core activities at AMI DODUCO. Capacity has been undergoing expansion since 2006:

  • 2006: Silver refining capacity is increased to 400 tons per year, corresponding to 7% of the world market capacity;
  • 2007: Capacity for atomized powder is increased by 40%; and
  • 2008: Capacities for electrolytically and chemically deposited silver are doubled.

"All the relevant expertise is centralized at our facility in Pforzheim, where we have a complete infrastructure for the manufacture and reprocessing of silver materials for the electrical industry," said Christian J. Hagedorn, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for AMI DODUCO - Europe. "Our investment will enable us to anticipate market growth and ensure continued supply in just-in-time fashion."

AMI DODUCO is a global leader in electrical contact technology and fabrication. The company supplies contacts and assemblies, contact materials, electroplating and surface treatment services, and precious metal refining and recycling to more than 3,000 customers. AMI DODUCO operates from locations in North America, Europe and Asia.

Forward Looking Statements

This message contains "forward looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Actual results may differ materially. This release should be read in conjunction with the factors set forth in Technitrol's report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended September 26, 2008 in Item 1a under the caption "Factors that May Affect Our Future Results (Cautionary Statements for Purposes of the 'Safe Harbor' Provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995).


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