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Araldite Adhesives helps save the day in Fire Engine Project

Published on 2005-08-24. Author : SpecialChem

The world's first ever fire engines constructed using composite materials are setting automotive engineering design alight with help from Huntsman Advanced Materials' leading range of Araldite® structural adhesives. When BAI Tecnica SpA's team of engineers became involved in a project to develop a new generation of fire engines made from aluminium composite honeycomb panels, BAI turned to adhesive experts at Huntsman to provide an alternative joining solution to traditional welding and fabrication techniques.

BAI Tecnica SpA is a specialist manufacturer of fire and rescue equipment. Based in Northern Italy, the company assists with the production of over 100 fire engines each year. Mr Colosio, technical manager from BAI explains, "Fire engines are some of the most technically advanced vehicles on our roads today. They need to perform under the toughest conditions while carrying tons of equipment, water and personnel. Any element of automotive or material design that can reduce overall vehicle weight without compromising on performance is of enormous benefit to manufacturers and fire crews alike."

"Using composite aluminium panels enabled us to make immediate weight savings and employ lightweight construction techniques like adhesives. To join the panels together we wanted to work with an adhesive supplier that could deliver a superior solution, offer guaranteed results and help us avoid labour intensive, time-consuming construction processes associated with complex metal bearing structures. Huntsman hit the mark with Araldite® 2015 epoxy paste that provides very strong yet flexible bonds, offers good impact, weather and high temperature resistance and is easy to apply."

Albert Vilanova, director for Southern Europe at Huntsman Advanced Materials, said, "Epoxy pastes like Araldite® 2015 adhesives have a broad range of performance capabilities and are regarded as the strongest type of adhesive available. They have a wide range of industrial uses and are particularly suitable for automotive applications where adhesives and screws work in conjunction in mix lap joints in order to maximise the benefits of both technologies. We are delighted that once again Araldite® brand adhesives products are proving their worth in an automotive application that is breaking new boundaries of design and innovation."

The first fire engine constructed using Araldite® adhesive was unveiled to the public during a national parade in Italy in 2004.

Araldite® 2015 epoxy paste cures at room temperature and creates highly reliable, durable bonds. It is a thixotropic solution that is resistant to sag even up to 10mm thickness and is ideally suited joining various metal substrates and for SMC and GRP bonding. Araldite® 2015 adhesive is available in easy to apply 400ml cartridges.

Huntsman Advanced Materials is a leading global producer of advanced epoxy resins, adhesives, coating systems, electrical insulating materials, printed circuit board technology, tooling materials and structural composites. The business services end-use markets that include the aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, electrical and electronics, recreation, and appliance industries.

Araldite is a registered trademark of Huntsman LLC or an affiliate thereof in one or more, but not all, countries.

Huntsman Advanced Materials is a business division of Huntsman Corporation. Huntsman is a global manufacturer and marketer of commodity and differentiated chemicals. The world's most significant industries rely on Huntsman operating companies to develop basic products for a variety of markets and end-use applications. Originally known for pioneering innovations in packaging, and later, rapid and integrated growth in petrochemicals, Huntsman today has revenues of $11.5 billion, 11,300 employees and 62 operations in 22 countries.

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Source: Huntsman Advanced Materials

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