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Aston Martin & Dow’s Continued Partnership to Drive Innovation and Engineering Excellence

Published on 2018-03-02. Author : SpecialChem

Aston Martin and Dow have announced the continuation of their successful technical development partnership, paving the way for further joint advancement to drive innovation and engineering excellence.

Aston Martin and Dow Extend Technical Partnership

Fast Tracks Innovation

Eugenio Toccalino, Global Marketing Director – Transportation & Advanced Polymers, Dow:

“Our collaboration with Aston Martin leverages our companies’ joint expertise and creates a platform that enables us to fast track innovation by validating multiple new technologies and solutions more quickly at a time when development cycles are accelerating as the industry moves towards future mobility solutions. This technical partnership will enable the continued development and implementation of new and customized industry-leading solutions in lightweighting, powertrain efficiency and vehicle electrification.”

David J King, Vice President and Chief Special Operations Officer at Aston Martin commented:

“Our companies have a proven track record of working together, as the industry moves towards new mobility solutions, we will be able to continue accelerating the development and demonstration of new product capabilities and technologies in both road and track environments.”

Adhesives to Facilitate Multi-material Lightweight Constructions

For more than 25 years, Dow Automotive Systems has supplied Aston Martin models, such as the DB11 and the Vanquish, with structural adhesive solutions that facilitate multi-material lightweight constructions, while also offering structural strength and stiffness.

BETAMATE™, BETAFORCE™ and BETASEAL™ material solutions are able to meet broad industry needs and production processes. These customized adhesives meet a wide range of open time and cure time requirements and bond a broad range of materials including electro-coated aluminium and steel, anodized aluminium, carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced composites as well as glazing applications.

Source: Dow Automotive
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