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Automatic temperature calibration for Paar Physica MCR Series

Published on 2002-09-30. Author : SpecialChem


A new automated temperature-calibration option from Paar Physica provides users of MCR Series rheometers precise temperature calibration quickly and easily. Accurate measurement and control of temperatures are crucial to achieving reliable rheological data. Frequent calibration to ensure the sample temperature is measured and controlled correctly is recognized as a requirement for collecting good data. The company’s fully automated calibration procedure is controlled by a new temperature-calibration routine in its US 200 software. The user selects one or more points of calibration, places the sensor between the plates and starts the program. After collecting data at each of the selected temperatures, calibration data are calculated automatically and can be stored in the operating software of the rheometer for automatic use in subsequent measurements. Calibration sensors are available in two different temperature ranges. Both sensors are delivered with a traceable calibration certificate.

For information: call Tammy Madrigal at 800-722-7556, or e-mail tammy@paarphysica.com

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