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Bayer expands material protection business; acquires two families of biocide chemistry

Published on 2002-12-11. Author : SpecialChem


Bayer Chemicals has expanded its line of material protection products with the acquisition of two families of biocide chemistry. In a transaction that closed with Ondeo Nalco Company, Bayer acquired the EPA-registered active ingredient thiabendazole (TBZ) and dibromodicyanobutane (DBDCB), along with certain patent-protected formulations of these and other biocide chemistries. The acquisition, including the trade names Tektamer™, Biochek™ and Metasol™, expands and strengthens well-established offerings of Bayer's material protection business.

DBDCB, which is also FDA-registered, is in the United States the leading preservative chemistry for the adhesives market and enjoys long-standing applications as a preservative for slurries such as kaolin, including clay, and construction compounds, including joint compounds. Other important applications include paints and coatings, latexes, printing inks, waxes, and other water-based industrial materials, including household cleaners. DBDCB and its formulated combination products are also used for the preservation of cosmetics and personal care products.

TBZ is one of the leading fungicidal chemistries for protecting wet-state paint, pulp and paper slurries and additives, and all types of functional fluids, including metalworking fluids. TBZ is also one of the leading mildewcidal chemistries for providing dry-film protection from mildew defacement of painted surfaces.

"We are delighted to augment our family of Preventol® material protection products with these proven active ingredients," said Frank Lueckgen, vice president, Bayer Chemicals. "We believe our customers will be equally gratified that Bayer is growing its material protection business in order to become the source of greater value and a broader range of highly effective chemistries."

Source: Bayer Corporation

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