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BETAMATE LESA Commercialized in Two New Front-End Carrier Applications

Published on 2006-12-07. Author : SpecialChem

Auburn Hills, Mich. -- BETAMATE™ low energy substrate adhesives (LESA) from Dow Automotive have been commercialized in front-end carrier applications on the 2007 Jeep® Wrangler and the 2007 Dodge Nitro. Designed, integrated and manufactured by Decoma International, the front-end carriers bonded with BETAMATE LESA enable greater design flexibility, weight reduction and streamlined manufacturing techniques.


"In the traditional assembly of hybrid front-end carriers, the metal reinforcement is attached to the plastic using mechanical techniques such as rivets, heat stakes or through over-molding" said Dave Recktenwald, Dow Automotive Plastic Bonding Market Development Manager. "When the substrates are bonded with BETAMATE LESA, the metal reinforcements and molded plastic parts can be optimized for reduction of part thickness, resulting in significant weight savings and improved structural performance. In addition to providing BETAMATE™ LESA material, Dow Automotive also offers design support for bond line optimization."

Dodge Nitro FEC

BETAMATE LESA Commercialized in Two New Applications

A recent winner of industry recognition from the Society of Plastics Engineers, PACE Awards and R&D 100, BETAMATE LESA can be used to replace or supplement welds and mechanical fasteners in a wide variety of structural applications. BETAMATE LESA bonds long-glass filled polypropylene and e-coated steel with no pre-treatment or primers.

Dodge Nitro FEC design deta

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Dow Automotive is a leading global provider of technology-driven solutions that meet consumer demand for vehicles that are safer, stronger, quieter, lighter, cleaner, comfortable and stylish. The organization provides plastics, adhesives, glass bonding systems, sealants, emissions control technology, films, fluids and structural enhancement and acoustical management solutions to OEM, tier and aftermarket customers around the world.

Source: Dow Automotive

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