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BioBased Technologies at PU Tech. Conf. 2012: Introduced Expanded Range of Agrol® Polyols

Published on 2012-09-25. Author : SpecialChem

SPRINGDALE, Ark. -- BioBased Technologies® has expanded its well-known family of Agrol® polyols to include a variety of new feedstocks and a polyol specifically for flexible slabstock formulations.

The company is introducing the new products, Agrol Prime™, Agrol Star™, Agrol Platinum® and Agrol™ AO+, during the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry's Polyurethanes International Technical Conference in Atlanta Sept. 24-26. "As a company, we are always looking at new feedstocks as the source of our bio-content," said Amy Sorrell, CEO of BioBased Technologies®. "That keeps us from basing our entire product line on one feedstock and protects us and our customers from feedstock-specific price fluctuations caused by regional issues or weather conditions."

Agrol Prime™ is a highly reactive soybean oil-based, 2.25 functional crosslinker with a primary hydroxyl content of 90%. It's available in a range of functionalities and molecular weights.

Agrol Star™ is a castor oil-based, 3 functional crosslinker with a primary hydroxyl content of 60%. Agrol Platinum® is the result of a partnership earlier this year between Palmer® International and BioBased Technologies®. Agrol Platinum® is derived from Cashew Nut Shell Liquid and is particularly effective in rigid foam systems. Palmer® is handling product scale up and manufacturing, and BioBased Technologies® has been involved in research and development, marketing and sales. Agrol® AO+ is available in two functionalities, Agrol® 1.7 AO+ and Agrol® 3.0 AO+, with antioxidants added and with low VOCs. These particular polyols are designed for use in flexible slabstock applications.

"We're excited about the new products, and we are already working with manufacturers to sample these products," said Sorrell. "Our technical team works directly with the manufacturers to help them as they work through the integration process."

About BioBased Technologies

BioBased Technologies® markets sustainable solutions for the manufacturing and construction industries. Brands offered by BioBased Technologies® include Agrol®, soy-based polyols for manufacturing; and BioBased Insulation®, spray polyurethane insulation and sealants for construction. Headquartered in Springdale, Ark., BioBased Technologies®, LLC is a female owned and managed company.

Source: BioBased Technologies

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