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Elkem Renames Bluestar Silicones as Elkem Silicones

Published on 2017-07-04. Author : SpecialChem

Elkem Silicones

Elkem has announced the renaming of Bluestar Silicones to Elkem Silicones, as well as the integration of two Chinese entities into the Elkem group.

Rebrands Bluestar Silicones

As Elkem assumes responsibility for the two new entities, Elkem's silicones division is changing its name from Bluestar Silicones to Elkem Silicones.

Frederic Jacquin
Frederic Jacquin
Frederic Jacquin CEO of Elkem Silicones, said:

“Being part of Elkem gives a strong financial foundation for further growth, enabling Elkem Silicones to remain a competitive and agile provider of innovative silicone solutions. Elkem Silicones will become an important player in the fast-growing silicones industry to enable our customers to deliver their potential.”

The new Elkem Silicones division will group together about 3000 employees for an annual turnover approaching 1 Billion Euros. The division will operate with a strong base comprising 2 upstream manufacturing sites, one located in Asia and one located in Europe, along with 8 downstream manufacturing sites and 10 R&D centers worldwide.

Integrates Two Entities in Elkem Group

Helge Aasen
Helge Aasen

As part of Elkem's growth strategy company is assuming responsibility for Bluestar Xinghuo Silicones and Yongdeng Silicon Materials and integrating them into the Elkem group. The two plants have previously been owned directly by our owners, China National Bluestar. This move further develops Elkem's integrated silicone value chain, from upstream quartz mining to silicon, silicones and downstream silicones specialties. The Elkem group will now have 26 manufacturing sites and about 6200 employees.

Helge Aasen, CEO of Elkem, said:

“With this integration, Elkem can capitalize on the strengths of its industrial footprint, R&D competencies, and sales and marketing excellence so that Elkem Silicones can provide even more value to our customers and stakeholders. We are excited to grow the Elkem group and to develop the company further.”

Frederic Jacquin, said:

“Elkem is excited to be part of this growth story and to keep improving and developing its offering in the silicones industry further. Our new footprint will contribute to offer our customers’ better service, stronger growth capabilities and continued security of supply, says Jacquin.”

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Source: Bluestar Silicones
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