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Irplast Secures BRC Certification for its Adhesive Tapes and Labels

Published on 2016-08-17. Author : SpecialChem

Empoli -- Irplast has obtained a new quality certification, becoming a leading player on the international market. It is one of the few European adhesive tapes and labels manufacturers to have this certification, obtained in November 2015 through a complex process involving the entire company structure.

BRC Certification - Excellence of Manufacturing & Distribution Processes

Irplast Secures BRC Certification for its Adhesive Tapes and Labels

The prestigious BRC Certification – a technical achievement essential to conquer the large-scale retail trade in the U.S and in the United Kingdom– certifies the excellence of Irplast’s manufacturing and distribution processes, confirming the company as being a reliable supplier of BOPP film, roll fed labels, and adhesive tapes to the major international players in the food and beverage sector. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) ensures that brand products are manufactured in accordance with clearly laid out quality standards, respecting the minimum requirements and represents a model recognized worldwide. Irplast S.p.A had already adopted two management systems and obtained their certification: the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System) and the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System).

Furthermore, Irplast has also achieved the following certifications: the Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH, necessary to print the DPG logo on labels destined to the German beverage market, and the AIB (American Institute of Baking), which ensures top quality standard for food safety.


During the production and printing process of labels, BOPP film, and adhesive tapes, Irplast’s principle target has always been top quality for both its own internal processes and customers’ satisfaction. “This certification – states Luca de Bartolo, Chief Operating Officer at Irplast – represents a key factor in terms of development. Besides, formalizing our approach to quality, which we have always considered an essential component of our business, this certified document is of great importance to the major European and global retailers and recognizes Irplast as one of the most reliable suppliers from all points of view. The strong internationalization process we have started up, foresees for our production process, the research of strict quality standards, highly recognized and appreciated internationally. It took a lot of effort on our side to pursue the path to this certification and we are confident that our customers and partners will appreciate our achievement. This kind of recognition is essential to establish new commercial relationships and as a result we are confident in seeing a considerable growth in our export market”.

So far, the BRC Standard has been adopted by more than 22.000 businesses in 123 countries and has become a commercial passkey which ensures access to European markets, where the BRC/IOP Standard is considered a global selection criteria for packaging suppliers by food brand packaging producers.

About Irplast

Irplast S.p.A is one of the world’s few manufacturers of simultaneous bi-oriented polypropylene film and one of the major European leaders in the production of:
  • BOPP and SOPP film
  • Shrinkable pre-glued roll-fed labels for the food, beverage, dairy, personal & home care
  • “Open & Close” solutions suitable for the tissue and food sector
  • Multi-packaging bundles
  • printed adhesive tape including theft-proof security tape “Tamper-evident”

Irplast boasts of a long consolidated experience particularly in complex international projects and relies on a highly specialized team of technicians with an excellent know-how in design, implementation, and on-site assistance. The company has 350 employees, distributed in 3 fully automated production sites in Italy: one in Empoli (Florence), with a production capacity of over 350 million smq, and two in Atessa (Chieti), with an overall production capacity of 44,000 tons of BOPP film/year.

Irplast’s turnover in 2015 was of 92 million Euros. 50% of the turnover was achieved by the Business Unit BIMO, the polypropylene film production division, whereas the remaining 50% was made by the LABEL TECH business unit (roll-fed labels and multipack solutions) and PRINT TAPE (printed adhesive tape). 25% of its production is destined for the Italian market whilst the other 75% for the international market.

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Source: Irplast
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