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Chemique takes Solfre2 to Germany

Published on 2008-08-11. Author : SpecialChem

Chemique Adhesives and Sealants Ltd, pioneers in the development of solvent free adhesives for the construction industry will be exhibiting their new simplified Solfre2 range at the Composites Europe Trade Fair and Forum for Composites, Technology and Applications in Germany on 23rd - 25th September 2008.

The new Solfre2 range falls into three key types: Solfre2 GP, Solfre2 HC and Solfre2 HCR, with each type providing a number of different open times to suit the individual customer's needs.

Solfre2 GP is the general-purpose formulation, which can be applied using either spray or bead. The Solfre2 HC is formulated specifically for honeycomb panelling and again used with either spray or bead, whilst the Solfre2 HCR with its roller application provides an alternative to Solfre2 HC.

The new Solfre2 range is available for use in a whole range of applications. All Solfre2 products are environmentally friendly and have a two-part performance for extra bond strength. It is most widely used for insulation panels in buildings and vehicles, cladding and architectural panels, and textile and foam laminates.

"Our Solfre2 range is seen as an integral component in ensuring that the correct performance criteria for panels are achieved," said John Bellerby, Chemique Technical Manager. "Our new simplified range ensures that users get the best product to meet their stringent adhesive requirements." He went on to say: "Exhibiting at Composites Europe is a great opportunity to showcase our product capability in Europe."

Chemique will also be exhibiting Axil Adhesives, their range of high performance technical and structural adhesives. The range offers engineers a vast array of adhesives, suitable for the widest variety of applications and as an alternative to traditional mechanical devices and fixings.

Dedicated to the on-going development of innovative adhesive systems and application equipment, Chemique has up to 20 different tests which can be done to measure the quality of the panels, helping to develop more superior adhesives, remain at the forefront of adhesive technology and ensure customer satisfaction.

Composites Europe is the industry event dealing with composites solutions. Around 300 expected exhibitors from more than 30 nations present products, technologies and services for composite materials, technologies and applications.

Source: Chemique Adhesives and Sealants Ltd

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