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Collano, nolax and Emerell Form artimelt AG, a Hot Melt Competence Center

Published on 2016-06-14. Author : SpecialChem

Collano, nolax and Emerell transfer their combined hot melt activities into a separate company within LAS Holding.

Added value thanks to hotmelt adhesives
Fig. 1: Added value thanks to hotmelt adhesives

The new hot melt competence center is called artimelt AG and has been operational since 1 April. Its headquarters are located at the production site in Sursee, Switzerland, where hot melt adhesives have been manufactured for decades. Consistency of adhesives production and ongoing high Swiss quality are thereby ensured.

By housing the various competencies under one roof, artimelt AG has created larger, more powerful research, development, applications engineering and customer support teams. This benefits customers by providing access to a deeper pool of adhesives expertise and decades of experience. Markets served by artimelt include those for medical, label, tape, packaging, security applications and building.

The hot melt specialist for every challenge

Always find the best solution – that is the goal of artimelt developers and technicians. And they have all the necessary credentials to achieve it: an outsider’s objective view, coupled with innate curiosity and 70 years of adhesives’ expertise. The artimelt engineering team asks questions, thinks outside the box and resolves adhesives challenges by quickly developing solutions that are sustainable, efficient and safe.

In good hands – from pilot plant to production

An optimal bonding process requires an adhesives partner who supports the project every step of the way from development to sample production and piloting, to production at the customer. artimelt’s new Nordson high-tech coater supports coatings and applications testing to customers’ specific needs and is ideal for producing high quality, practical samples. Furthermore, small series can be manufactured quickly and flexibly – whether to ease pressure in production or to simulate production on a real line.

Safe medical products: ISO 13485

artimelt provides adhesives for wound dressings, adhesive tapes and bandages and for fixing surgical drapes and blister pads. Product safety, versatility and short, dependable delivery times are essential here. artimelt has the necessary ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification to confirm the effectiveness of our processes.

About artimelt

The family-run company has been active in the adhesives business since 1947. 70 years and two generations later, artimelt is the sixth subsidiary of LAS Holding. artimelt operates worldwide and employs approx. 45 people.


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