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Cytec Introduces New Ultraviolet Curable Pressure SensitiveAdhesive (PSA) For Industrial Applications.

Published on 2008-10-23. Author : SpecialChem

West Paterson, NJ -- Cytec Industries Inc. announces the launch of its new GELVA® multipolymer radiation (GMR) 8020-02 UV curable PSA. This product will meet the industry's growing needs for a UV curable adhesive with exceptional adhesive characteristics to both low energy and high energy surfaces. The product will be showcased at an industry event on December 3 at Chemsultants International, Inc. in Mentor, Ohio.

Targeted usage for this 100% solids UV curable PSA includes high performance industrial tapes, automotive instrument panel and electronic assemblies, nameplates, low and high surface energy materials and foam tapes. Cytec's goal in creating this low VOC formulation is to enable tape manufacturers to be competitive in markets where solvent based PSA products are not practical.

Cytec's Vice President of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives and Specialty Additives, Michael Radossich, indicates GMR 8020-02 is the first of many 100% solid UV curable ultra-high performance PSAs that Cytec is developing. "GMR 8020-02 represents the culmination of a comprehensive development effort across Cytec's PSA and RADCURE™product lines. It is the product the market has been hoping for and we are planning to expand this technology platform to cover an even wider application spectrum," Radossich explains.

Unlike other existing UV products, GMR 8020-02 offers an excellent peel - shear balance in comparison to other adhesive technologies. It is designed to require less energy consumption during the curing process and provides a wide cure window for thick deposition coating, even at high line speeds. This advanced quality UV curable PSA was created to reduce user costs including capital investment, freight, and inventory expenses. In addition, GMR 8020-02 improves handling safety and reduces regulatory concerns.

GELVA pressure sensitive adhesives have been used in a broad range of applications and markets for over 40 years. Cytec's new UV curable adhesives will be a significant extension to their product line and allow customers to achieve even greater performance.

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Cytec Industries Inc. is a global specialty chemicals and materials company focused on developing, manufacturing and selling value-added products. Our products serve a diverse range of end markets including aerospace, adhesives, automotive and industrial coatings, chemical intermediates, inks, mining and plastics. We use our technology and application development expertise to create chemical and material solutions that are formulated to perform specific and important functions in the finished products of our customers.

Source: Cytec

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