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Cytec Launches EBECRYL® 3639, an innovative epoxy-acrylate

Published on 2009-02-13. Author : SpecialChem

Woodland Park -- Cytec Industries Inc. broadens its RADCURE™ UV/EB curable resins and additives product range with EBECRYL 3639, a new flexible epoxy-acrylate.

EBECRYL 3639 is a radiation-curable oligomer, which has been developed for applications in need of flexibility, outstanding reactivity and good surface resistance. The product adds value to a broad range of applications such as flexo inks, screen inks, overprint varnishes, resilient flooring coatings, paper upgrading, and coatings on plastics or wood.

The product offers industry leading test results for scratch resistance. The scratch resistance for graphics applications has been evaluated with a Mickle rub tester on UV cured 15 ? film for the graphic applications, whereas for the industrial applications tests have been made following a "10 steel wool double rubs" resistance test, after which a score is given by visual inspection. For both tests, EBECRYL 3639 has been compared to 8 benchmark products and shows either best or second best ranking test results.

Graphics applications in particular benefit from an eµxtremely high cure speed and good surface performance. "Tests have shown that with EBECRYL 3639 reactivity can achieve 70 meters per minute with one single standard UV mercury lamp. This is superior to other typically used radiation curable products. Folding and creasing test results also revealed advanced results in flexibility," says Dr Marc Heylen, Radcure Technical Sales & Development Manager for EMEA.

"With EBECRYL 3639 Cytec brings the market a single product with good scratch and chemical resistance plus high reactivity and good flexibility. This product rounds out our range of EBECRYL epoxy acrylates for our markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa," adds Matteo Vasconi, Global Product Manager Radcure.

Corporate Profile

Cytec Industries Inc. is a global specialty chemicals and materials company focused on developing, manufacturing and selling value-added products. Our products serve a diverse range of end markets including aerospace, adhesives, automotive and industrial coatings, chemical intermediates, inks, mining and plastics. We use our technology and application development expertise to create chemical and material solutions that are formulated to perform specific and important functions in the finished products of our customers.

Source: CYTEC Industries

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