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Henkel Cuts Packaging CF by 25% with Dow & Kraton Technologies

Published on 2024-05-09. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Dow, Henkel & Kraton Collaborate to Reduce Carbon Footprint of Adhesives Dow , Henkel Adhesive Technologies and Kraton Corporation have achieved a reduction in product carbon footprint for two of Henkel’s North American flagship products for end-of-line packaging. The products are TECHNOMELT® SUPRA 100 and TECHNOMELT® SUPRA 106M.

Biobased Alternatives to Reduce Carbon Footprint

TECHNOMELT® SUPRA 100 LE and TECHNOMELT® SUPRA 106M LE formulas designed biobased alternatives reduce the adhesives’ cradle-to-gate carbon footprint by 25% compared to the legacy products.

This reduced footprint is enabled by a proprietary formulation of Kraton’s SYLVALITE™ 2200 biobased tackifiers developed with REvolution™ rosin ester technology and Dow’s AFFINITY™ GA polyolefin elastomers. The lower emission formulations maintain equivalent performance and food safe properties customers expect from the legacy designs.

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At Kraton, we understand the importance of sustainability in today's adhesive and packaging markets,” said Minco van Breevoort, Kraton Pine Chemicals president.

Supplying Henkel with our REvolution™ technology and biobased tackifiers reflects our long-standing dedication to innovating solutions that satisfy customer needs and reduce environmental impact. We take pride in driving the transition towards sustainable adhesive and packaging solutions,” added Breevoort.

Solutions Attainable for Consumer Goods Manufacturers

Sustainable products often carry a premium price due to higher manufacturing costs and increased regulatory pressure for Scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions reporting.

By investing in lower carbon emission formulations, Henkel, Kraton and Dow are meeting consumer demand for sustainable packaging and making these solutions more attainable for consumer goods manufacturers. As a result of the combined investment, TECHNOMELT® SUPRA 100 LE and TECHNOMELT® SUPRA 106M LE will be available to existing customers at no additional cost.

Henkel has been leading the efforts on sustainable solutions which promote emission reduction, circularity and safety. Sustainability is not just our responsibility to future generations but integral to our long-term success as a company,” explains Ulla Hüppe, head of sustainability for adhesive technologies at Henkel. “By working with Kraton and Dow, we are able to offer lower emission solutions and establish new industry precedence.

We believe in the power of collaboration with like-minded companies who share Dow’s values and ambition. With Henkel and Kraton, we’re not just forging collaborations, we’re creating a sustainable ecosystem. We’re proud to be setting a precedent of working together with other Press Information industry leaders to drive change and bring value to customers,” said Haley Lowry, global director sustainability, Dow.

Advanced Performance in Extreme Temperatures

Kraton’s REvolution™ is an innovative technology platform designed to deliver enhanced color performance and oxidative stability in biobased tackifiers such as Kraton’s SYLVALITE™ 2200. The technology provides a sustainable alternative to fossil-based products, enabling formulators to achieve a high biobased content and a low carbon footprint.

Dow’s AFFINITY™ GA offers advanced performance for extreme temperatures in packaging. The TECHNOMELT ® product portfolio includes other biobased formulations, as well as innovative low-temperature hot melt adhesive formulations.

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