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DSM NeoResins+ to increase prices for solvent borne alkyd, - acrylic and - amino resins

Published on 2008-01-22. Author : SpecialChem

Effective March 1, 2008, DSM NeoResins+ will increase prices in the regions Europe, Middle East and Africa for Solvent borne resins with 10%, as existing contracts allow. The price increase affects the solvent based coating resins portfolio comprising of alkyd, acrylic as well as amino resins. Dimitri de Vreeze, Business Unit Director DSM NeoResins+ explains; "Steadily escalating high costs for raw materials, transportation and energy are the main reasons for this increase as they are no longer offset by our continuous improvement program to increase productivity and efficiency".

DSM NeoResins+ is a leading, committed, global supplier of innovative specialty resins, specialized in the development and manufacturing of resins for the coatings and graphic arts industries.

DSM NeoResins' existing brand names Haloflex®, Halwedrol®, NeoCryl®, NeoRez®, NeoPac®, NeoRad®, Uracron®, Uradil® and Uralac® are well-known throughout the industries world-wide. The company has manufacturing sites in USA, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, and in China. DSM NeoResins+ is headquartered in the Netherlands.

Source: DSM NeoResins

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