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EMCO to Distribute GreenMantra’s Range of Ceranovus Wax Products

Published on 2016-06-21. Author : SpecialChem

Brantford, Canada -- GreenMantra Technologies and EMCO Chemical Distributors have signed an exclusive agreement for the distribution of GreenMantra’s specialty waxes.

EMCO – Distribution of GreenMantra’s Wax Products

EMCO will distribute GreenMantra’s line of Ceranovus wax products, as well as other GreenMantra specialty chemicals and custom products, to customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“We are excited to be able to align strategically with a distributor that has the geographic reach and service attributes of EMCO,” said Kousay Said, GreenMantra President and Chief Executive Officer. “EMCO’s focus on customer service and knowledge across industrial markets makes them a great fit to represent our product lines.”

“EMCO is pleased to add GreenMantra’s wax products, made from 100% recycled feedstock, to our growing range of offerings,” said Edward Polen President of EMCO Distribution. “We are proud to represent their high value products and to be affiliated with their environmentally positive technology.”

GreenMantra Technologies utilizes a proprietary thermo-catalytic system and patented process to cost-effectively transform recycled polyolefin plastics into high-value waxes, greases, lubricants and other specialty chemicals. These materials have a broad range of applications in the coatings, plastics, adhesives, roofing and paving industries.

GreenMantra’s first-generation products include custom wax formulations and drop-in replacement waxes that are used in the production of roofing shingles, rubber, coatings, asphalt, and plastic color masterbatch. Other markets include engineered wood, plastics extrusion, hot melt adhesives, textiles, inks, cabling, drilling fluid and lubricants.

About GreenMantra

Based in Brantford, Ontario, GreenMantra™ Technologies utilizes a proven patented process to cost-effectively transform plastics into high-value specialty chemicals such as waxes, greases and lubricants.

About EMCO Chemical Distributors

Based in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, EMCO Chemical Distributors is a leading North American distributor of chemicals, special chemicals and related products to a wide range of industries and end markets.

Source: GreenMantra Technologies

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