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EMS increases its participation in Lonza

Published on 2002-10-18. Author : SpecialChem


The chemical group EMS-Chemie Holding carried its participation in the group of chemical specialities Lonza to 20,07 %.

EMS-Chemie, which is directed by Christoph Blocher, specified that it now held on 10 127 047 actions of the group. EMS-Chemie added that it had the obligation to announce the rise of its participation in a company dimensioned out of Stock Exchange, this one exceeding 20 %, in accordance with the Swiss law, and did not provide any other detail.

EMS-Chemie hitherto controlled some 11 % of the capital of Lonza, appearing, with the BZ Group of the financier Martin Ebner (19,8 %) and the cantonal Bank of Zurich (9,97 %) among the large shareholders of Lonza. Christoph Blocher did not exclude before to increase its participation in Lonza, but said not to be interested by the package of Martin Ebner, specifying however whom it could re-examine his position "if this package is likely to fall into bad hands", it had indicated to the Swiss news service ATS.

This advertisement of EMS occurs whereas Lonza announced the immediate resignation of Martin Ebner of the presidency of his board of directors. The resignation of Martin Ebner is the consequence of the will of the BZ Group Holding, which he directs, to sell its participation of 19,8 % in Lonza. The conclusion of this sale of actions is awaited during next weeks.

The former operational director and current vice-president of Lonza, Sergio Marchionne, become owner of the General Company of Monitoring (SGS) this year, succeeds Martin Ebner with the presidency of the board of directors of Lonza.

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