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Evonik Invests Double-digit Million Euros at its Antwerp Facility

Published on 2017-07-31. Author : SpecialChem

Evonik is investing a double-digit million euro range in the expansion of its fumed silica capacities in Antwerp, Belgium. The production complex will become operational in the summer of 2019.

Applications of Fumed Silica

Evonik markets it under the name AEROSIL®. The applications of this specialty silica include:

AEROSIL® fumed silica provides transparency together with mechanical stability
AEROSIL® Fumed Silica - Transparency Together with Mechanical Stability
  • Modern adhesive systems
  • Coatings and paints
  • Transparent silicones as well as non-flammable high-performance insulation materials.

Chairman of the Evonik Executive Board, says:

“This investment is a good fit for our strategy to concentrate more on distinct specialty chemicals businesses. It will create a more balanced portfolio."

Silica is part of “Smart Materials”. It is one of Evonik’s four strategic growth engines. It has with above-average market growth and margin potential.

Kullmann notes:

"With this investment in the silica business, which has low cyclicality, we are following our growth course and solidifying our position as a leading global provider. Following the planned takeover of the Huber silica business and the continuous expansion of precipitated silica capacity, the AEROSIL® expansion in Antwerp is the next logical step."

With this investment Evonik is executing a further project within the scope of its defined investment budget.

The global market for fumed silica shows growth rates exceeding 4 percent, which outpaces the global economy as a whole. The market applications are posting above-average development.

Fumed Silica Market in Europe

Johannes Ohmer explains:

"By expanding our capacities in Antwerp, we want to support the market growth for fumed silica in Europe and other important export markets, while at the same time boosting our integrated European silica-silane production."

Thanks to its central location in Europe and modern harbor, Antwerp offers ideal framework conditions.

Evonik will now be able to supply customers not only with hydrophilic but also hydrophobic silica from Antwerp in the future. Modernization of the silane capacity secures the raw material supply for the AEROSIL® production and for silanes used in tire production. AEROSIL®is generated as fumed silica from the high temperature hydrolysis of silanes in a hydrogen flame.  

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Source: Evonik
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