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ExxonMobil Chemical Demonstrates Global Leadership in Film Technology at Pack Expo 2008

Published on 2008-10-22. Author : SpecialChem

ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- ExxonMobil Chemical will demonstrate its leadership in films technology for flexible packaging and highlight solutions that deliver economic, performance and sustainability benefits at booth E7610 at Pack Expo 2008 in Chicago, IL from November 9-13, 2008.

ExxonMobil Chemical will showcase its Metallyte™, Bicor™ and Oppalyte™ oriented polypropylene (OPP) films for packaging applications and Label-Lyte™ OPP films for the labeling markets.

On display will be new Metallyte metallized OPP films which have been designed to provide economic solutions versus other barrier materials in applications for sensitive dry food and beverage markets. When compared to aluminum foil, these OPP films offer significant sustainability benefits, such as weight reduction. ExxonMobil Chemical has analyzed life cycle inventory data for these substrates which can be seen at the booth.

Through substrate replacement, Metallyte MM288, Metallyte MM883 and Metallyte MM882 are providing the converting and packaging industries with significant opportunities to deliver material weight reduction, while improving packaging economics and technical performance. Two barrier technologies have been developed to offer the best combination of performance and economics covering the broad range of protection requirements for these market segments.

Through structure simplification, Metallyte UBW-ES, a white metallized OPP film, offers converters and end-users the opportunity to reduce raw material weight and costs, while providing performance advantages combining ultra high barrier and integrated enhanced sealing (-ES) technologies.

The enhanced sealant technology provides excellent seal strength and integrity and the ability to seal through product contamination in the seal area, allowing the replacement of polyethylene in many packaging structures. To highlight the sealing performance of Metallyte UBW-ES, there will be practical demonstrations on the booth during Pack Expo.

Metallyte UBW-ES offers an exceptional barrier to gases, aromas, flavors and moisture. Its water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) and oxygen transmission rate (OTR) allow the replacement of foil for many sensitive products.

Metallyte UBW-ES can achieve weight reduction benefits of up to 30 percent by allowing the use of a two-layer lamination as opposed to a typical three-layer aluminum foil-based structure. Structure simplification also results in an efficient converting process and reduced raw material costs.

In addition, ExxonMobil Chemical's Bicor™, Oppalyte™ and other Metallyte OPP films provide the protection that retailers and consumers require to preserve the freshness and quality of food products throughout their shelf-lives. In terms of packaging performance, these OPP films provide stability, consistent slip, easy wrapping and a broad sealing range that result in excellent machinability for smooth, fast and efficient production. They also offer outstanding optical properties that contribute to superior package appearance. Surface attributes keep the original design sharp and colorful for the entire shelf life of the product.

ExxonMobil Chemical's versatile Label-Lyte™ OPP films for labeling in the pressure-sensitive (PSL), wet-glue patch and Roll-On-Shrink-On (ROSO) label markets are generating sustainability and business opportunities particularly in the beverage, food, household consumer, personal care and automotive market sectors. ExxonMobil Chemical's Label-Lyte™ "LP" wet-glue patch films are ideal direct drop-in replacements for both metal and white paper patch label applications. The paper-like skin on the adhesive receptive side cures with standard paper glues achieving excellent tack-up and fiber tear, and can reduce glue usage up to 50 percent compared to paper labels. Label-Lyte™ "LP" OPP films for patch can improve labeler equipment efficiency, reduce waste due to fewer rejects, less flagging and eliminate sensitivity to moisture that causes tearing and curling.

About ExxonMobil Chemical

ExxonMobil Chemical is one of the world's premier petrochemical companies with manufacturing, technology, and marketing operations around the world. The company delivers a broad portfolio of products and solutions efficiently and responsibly, with a commitment to create outstanding customer and shareholder value. ExxonMobil Chemical endorses the principles of sustainable development, including the need to balance economic growth, social development and environmental considerations.

About the Films Business of ExxonMobil Chemical

The Films Business of ExxonMobil Chemical is a global leader in the development and manufacture of specialty oriented polypropylene (OPP) films, including multilayer white opaque films, metallized films and acrylic - and PVdC-coated films, for flexible packaging and labeling applications. The Films Business has affiliated production plants in Europe (Virton, Belgium; Kerkrade, the Netherlands; and Brindisi, Italy), and North America (LaGrange, Georgia; Shawnee, Oklahoma; and Belleville, Canada). The company and its affiliates have sales offices to support customer needs in countries around the world, including North America, Europe and Asia.

Source: ExxonMobil

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