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Pressure-sensitive Dimensional Graphics for Labels: FLEXcon & FiberLok

Published on 2016-11-17. Author : SpecialChem

FLEXcon has announced that it is supporting FiberLok in the development of a new category of Lextra pressure-sensitive dimensional graphics for durable, prime label and Point of Purchase (POP) applications. The new portfolio of pressure-sensitive label products includes a range of permanent and temporary sticker options that can be used to adhere Lextra products to different surfaces beyond their traditional applications.

Innovation in Label Market

FLEXcon  FiberLok Collaborate

Through its long-standing partnership with FLEXcon, FiberLok has established itself as the world leader in creating, manufacturing and distributing three families of dimensionalized graphics including its flagship Lextra direct-flocked transfers, TackleKnit graphics and its metallized, die-molded ChromaFlex graphics. FiberLok is primarily known for its Lextra flock-textured graphics or “The Graphics People Love to Touch™,” which are recognized for their soft pleasing touch, aesthetic quality, and high durability, and are used for logos applied to floor mats, computer mouse pads, athletic uniforms and more.

FLEXcon has worked with FiberLok for more than 28 years and during that time, Fiberlok has patented technologies for creating unique, detailed, textured graphics products which have been used by leading organizations such as the National Football League, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, Pepsi Cola, Ford and Nike.

Re-positionable Stickers to Offer a New Industrial Option

Until now, most of FiberLok’s production had been heat-applied Lextra graphics. However, FiberLok has experienced increased demand for products in a pressure-sensitive format for a variety of labeling applications, such as brand identity labels on durable goods, instructional labels for auto interiors, as well as prime labeling and POP displays. With the latest collaboration, using a robust combination of FiberLok’s Lextra direct-flocking and FLEXcon’s pressure-sensitive adhesive and liner materials and processes including six-color automatic electrostatic direct flocking machines, the two teams have developed a range of permanent and temporary, re-positionable stickers that will offer a new industrial option for FiberLok’s customers and suppliers.

The new materials are available in two ways. The first option is to have the completed product sourced from Fiberlok using FLEXcon’s pressure-sensitive materials; which are then cut at FiberLok either by steel rule, clicker die or with machine-vision laser cutters. The second method is by sourcing Lextra flocked image transfer media for subsequent lamination to FLEXcon materials and then cutting the product at the customer’s location. The latest Lextra flock-textured graphics offer new options to customers to help design and develop innovative applied graphics and surface coatings. The new materials also include key features such as “slip or grip” functionality insulation, fast and permanent applications that are not only rich in texture but also pleasing to touch.

“The greatest benefit of working with FLEXcon is the symbiotic relationship and established trust forged through working with a single supplier. I feel more than comfortable in our relationship, which is highly dependent on absolutely consistent results from FLEXcon,” said Brown Abrams, Founder and CEO at FiberLok.

“It’s vital that we integrate our processes so that our proprietary manufactured products come together in a predictable and consistent way. A lot of up-front work goes into every project in order to obtain the required functional performance that enables us to provide the reliability our customers demand,” Abrams says. “FLEXcon gets that and is ready to work with us to achieve the quality control that is essential to our success. We’re in this thing together.”

About FLEXcon

FLEXcon is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of pressure-sensitive films and adhesives, headquartered in Spencer, Massachusetts. The company is an innovator in coating, laminating, and finishing of wide-web roll-to-roll polymeric materials, with expertise in graphics and label applications as well as bonding, barrier, optical, and electronics applications. FLEXcon is a family-owned, privately held company that offers industry-leading capabilities to produce one-of-a-kind custom film and adhesive products as well as the largest selection of standard off-the-shelf products.

About FiberLok

For 37 years FiberLok has been pioneering the creation of an entirely new category of graphic image reproduction products, performance-engineered Dimensional Graphics products. The three exclusive graphics technologies are Lextra flock-textured, TackleKnit imprinted textiles and ChromaFlex metallized die-molded graphics.

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Source: FLEXcon
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