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Galata Chemicals Introduces Drapex® Alpha 200C, a Natural Oil-based Plasticizer

Published on 2012-09-07. Author : SpecialChem

Southbury, CT -- Galata Chemicals is pleased to introduce Drapex® Alpha 200C, the latest advancement in the Alpha series of natural oil-based primary plasticizers.

Drapex® Alpha 200C has been designed for use in white and clear PVC compounds as well as specialty applications with demanding performance requirements. PVC compounds containing the new plasticizer exhibit improved extraction resistance, substantially reduced amounts of volatile organic compounds, and enhanced processability.

"Building on the successful market introduction of Drapex® Alpha and Drapex® Alpha 200, we are excited to announce the newest grade available within the Alpha family of sustainable plasticizers. Drapex® Alpha 200C was specifically designed to provide our customers with a biobased plasticizer solution for white and clear compounds as well as those applications requiring the performance attributes of trimellitates" - said Steven McKeown, President and COO of Galata Chemicals.

Drapex® Alpha 200C is registered on major national chemical inventories and commercially available from Galata Chemicals.

About Galata Chemicals

Galata Chemicals is one of the leading global producer of plastics additives including mixed metal heat stabilizers, tin heat stabilizers, epoxidized soybean oil, polymer modifiers and chemical foaming agents.

Source: Galata Chemicals

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