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High-end Graphene-based Conductive Adhesives - Graphene 3D at Malaysia Conference

Published on 2017-07-11. Author : SpecialChem

At Graphene Malaysia 2017 Conference, Graphene 3D is presenting their high-end graphene based conductive adhesives as well as other Company product, including: graphene aerogels, thermal management materials and graphene-based 3D printing. Also, Graphene 3D's Co-CEO, Elena Polyakova, is presenting an invited presentation entitled "Graphene Thermoplastic and Thermoset Materials: An Update on Recent Progress" on July 11th.

Polyakova, says:

"Asia is a critical region for the commercial adaptation of graphene materials, and for this reason we are excited to showcase a recently developed new line of graphene-based conductive adhesives and our other achievements in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia has strong presence in advanced chemical, oil and gas industries that can greatly benefit from our advanced graphene-enhanced thermoplastic and thermoset materials."

Graphene Malaysia 2017
Graphene Malaysia 2017

About Graphene Malaysia 2017

Graphene Malaysia 2017, a flagship event under Malaysia's National Graphene Action Plan 2020 is centered on interaction and collaborative innovation within the graphene industry. This event brings together industry leaders, small and medium entrepreneurs, start-up business owners, researchers, and anyone who has keen interest in revolutionizing the existing graphene technologies. The world's graphene leaders will be present in Kuala Lumpur to share their achievements and innovation roadmap as well as explore new partnership opportunities.

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Source: Graphene 3D
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