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Hanse Chemie named distributor for Hycar

Published on 2003-02-05. Author : SpecialChem


German company Hanse Chemie GmbH has been named exclusive distributor in certain parts of Europe for the Hycar® reactive liquid polymers manufactured by Noveon Inc of Cleveland, Ohio in the USA. Hanse Chemie will sell the Hycar product range in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, all of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. The company says that this regional distribution responsibility will be complemented by the production and sale of epoxy/CTBN adducts.

According to Peter Fielder, Noveon's business manager for the Hycar reactive liquid polymers, the arrangement with Hanse Chemie will greatly expand the company's capabilities in Northern Europe and Italy and its ability to service customers in these regions.

Hycar reactive liquid polymers are additives used primarily to enhance toughness or flexibility in end-use formulations. These formulations are used in a wide range of applications, including construction materials. Noveon currently offers Hycar materials with carboxyl, amine and methacrylated end groups and Hanse Chemie will do further processing to offer customers epoxy-terminated materials.

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