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Henkel Names New Executive Team

Published on 2008-08-05. Author : SpecialChem

Following its acquisition of the Adhesives and Electronics Materials businesses from National Starch and Chemical Company, Henkel named the executive team that will lead its electronics group as it continues to advance materials technology and become the premiere materials partner for electronics firms worldwide.

Under the direction of Corporate Senior Vice-President Alan Syzdek, the electronics group of Henkel will be organized on a global basis by industry sector. The ability to coordinate efforts globally, yet offer local support and flexibility within each region, affords operational and supply chain efficiencies while providing visibility of customers' global requirements. For Henkel customers, the unified businesses now deliver the industry's most advanced, comprehensive product development and engineering expertise, unmatched global support and combined resources that ensure a low-risk, high-value partnership. Drawing on the talents of both the Henkel and National Starch teams, the new leadership at Henkel is made up of the industry's most knowledgeable and experienced electronics materials staff.

With over 18 years of materials development expertise, Dr. Michael Todd will lead Henkel's global product development initiatives as Vice-President of Product Development and Engineering. Some of Todd's near-term priorities include aligning the organization's 13 global product development sites, the integration of the complimentary technologies and products brought together through the acquisition, and leveraging the strengths of certain materials to facilitate the widespread growth of synergistic product lines. "The opportunities that this union presents are profound," says Todd. "In addition to the obvious geographic footprint and product portfolio expansion advantages, Henkel has also committed significant investment increases - by a factor of at least 5 over current levels -- for advanced materials development in the areas of new polymer technologies, applied nano-technology research and manufacturing and process innovations. With many acquisitions you see a tightening of the belt in this area but, with Henkel, quite the opposite is true, which enables our ability to anticipate technology requirements well into the future and develop materials solutions today."

Former Ablestik General Manager, Andreas Mader, has been tapped to head Henkel's semiconductor group where he will focus on supporting customers' transition to new technologies, ensuring superior technical support and managing investments in leading technologies. Having spent over 20 years of his career working with specialty materials - first at Dow Chemical and then with National Starch -- Mader brings unique perspective to his position and is enthused about the accelerated solution capabilities of the new organization. "The scope of materials technology and commercial products now available from Henkel is unmatched," comments Mader. "With high performance die attach, mold compound, underfill and solder materials, our ability to simplify customers' supply chains while simultaneously offering outstanding material systems and solutions provides a competitive edge not available from any other materials company." For semiconductor packaging, specifically, Mader envisions several breakthrough materials advances in the very near future which include further developments and more widespread adoption of film die attach materials as well as enhanced capabilities of the company's Wafer Backside Coating™ (WBC) materials technology.

To direct its electronics assembly business, Henkel has selected former Emerson & Cuming General Manager, Joe DeBiase. With over 20 years of experience in electronic materials for the PCB fabrication and electronic assembly industries, DeBiase's extensive background and business management expertise position him well to ensure Henkel's continued competence in the assembly materials sector. The integration of two very broad product portfolios now effectively delivers total front-to-back solutions for customers' complete assembly materials requirements. "From world-class conductive adhesive technologies to market-leading solder materials through to high-performance underfills and conformal coatings, Henkel can now offer technical solutions for any assembly application from circuit and component assembly to circuit protection, " states DeBiase. "The expanded capabilities, resources and industry presence of Henkel now position us as the electronic materials company truly able to fully support the needs of the global electronics industry. As a low-risk supplier partner, our focus is to deliver enabling technologies with unparalleled field technical service and support, thus ensuring that customer access to Henkel's technical solutions is simple and effective."

Rounding out the customer-facing executive appointments is Global Marketing Director, Doug Dixon. Having spent his career at leading electronics equipment and materials companies, Dixon is a seasoned communications professional with broad-based brand strategy and global product marketing expertise. "One of the most exciting, yet most challenging parts of this new organization is prioritizing brand and product rollout initiatives," says Dixon. "Henkel has numerous established market-leading materials and just as many, if not more, breakthrough products on the horizon, which makes the go-to-market strategy quite dynamic."

Management of the operational organization is the responsibility of Dr. Michael Reilly, former National Starch Vice-President of Global Operations. Reilly is confident the 13 years he's spent in electronics and his previous experience in the pharmaceuticals industry gives him the insight and knowledge necessary to unite the two businesses into a world-class materials company that offers supply-chain efficiency and a low-risk proposition to customers. "Our driving force and top priority from an operational point of view is to ensure the highest quality products with delivery that is reliable and predictable," states Reilly emphatically. "The combined resources of the new Henkel organization -- both from a personnel and geographic production perspective - are untouchable and will allow us to offer outstanding supply chain performance."

Overseeing the development of the business through organic growth, strategic partnerships and acquisition opportunities is the role of Mr. ZhiWei Cai, former Henkel Global Vice-President of Product Management. "Aligning the business priorities with market growth and developing products to address new applications and processes is central to Henkel's success," says Cai. "Partnering with customers on cooperative technology roadmap efforts, joining with academic institutions to conduct research and analysis projects and continuing our aggressive market intelligence initiatives will no doubt ensure Henkel's leading position in the electronic materials industry."

Other key appointments to the leadership team include: Mr. Luc Godefroid, who heads up the Project Management Office (PMO), with responsibility for developing and integrating the business and driving offensive synergies through best practices of both the Henkel and National Starch operations; and, Ms. Hilary Norris, who leads the company's financial team.

"Without question, this group of talented individuals represents the best in the electronics materials sector," concludes Alan Syzdek. "I have every confidence that this dedicated team will lead our organization with experience, integrity, ingenuity and passion while maintaining the customer as our top priority."

About Henkel

For more than 130 years, Henkel has been a leader with brands and technologies that make people's lives easier, better, and more beautiful. Henkel operates in three business areas -- Home Care, Personal Care, and Adhesives Technologies -- and ranks among the Fortune Global 500 companies. In fiscal 2007, Henkel generated sales of $19.218 billion and operating profit of $1.975 billion. Our more than 55,000 employees worldwide are dedicated to fulfilling our corporate claim, "A Brand like a Friend," and ensuring that people in more than 125 countries can trust in brands and technologies from Henkel.

Source: Henkel

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