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Henkel at Productronica: Displays Benefits of Technomelt Hotmelts

Published on 2016-09-22. Author : SpecialChem

Benefits of Newly Launched Technomelt TC 50
Benefits of Newly Launched Technomelt TC 50
Henkel Adhesive Electronics is showcasing a brand new, thermally conductive Technomelt material along with printed electronic inks for multiple applications, thermal management products and a portfolio of structural adhesives for modern display technologies at Productronica India 2016.

Benefits of Newly Launched Technomelt TC 50

  • Delivers the simple processing and protective properties of all Technomelt hot melt adhesives
  • Adds thermally conductive functional capabilities
  • With three simple steps – insert Technomelt material, mold and test --- a self-enclosed electronics assembly is produced in a low-pressure process, accommodating for delicate circuitry and today’s fine-pitch devices. 

Technomelt TC 50 provides the added benefit of heat dissipation through the encapsulating layer with thermal conductivity of >0.5 W/m-K, making it an ideal dual-function solution for applications such as LEDs drivers, automotive power systems and micro solar inverters.

Also There on the Show are Structural Adhesives

Henkel’s full portfolios of structural and hot melt adhesives for various display and peripheral applications are featured in Henkel booth #3155 throughout the three-day event. Adhesives for cover glass assembly to eliminate mechanical techniques, as well as formulations to facilitate bezel and battery cover bonding are among the many enabling display technologies from Henkel.

Next-Generation Printed Electronic Inks

Henkel’s market leadership in electrically conductive ink technologies is well-established and the innovation progress continues with its latest advances: Loctite ECI 8000 series positive temperature coefficient (PTC) inks and Loctite ECI 7000 series force sensitive resistor (FSR) inks. The line of PTC inks provide performance benefits for applications where fast and uniform heating is required. Uniquely, Henkel’s Loctite ECI 8000 PTC inks include a variety of formulations to allow for specific switch off temperatures without the use of electronic control units. This allows heating to a specific set point, which is then maintained at a constant level. There is no risk of overheating and the materials are exceptionally thin for compatibility with very tight spaces.

FSR inks enable varying and controllable ranges of electrical resistance aligned to the required sensitivity level of the application. The new suite of Loctite ECI 7000 series FSR materials allow product responses based on changing levels of force, as opposed to simply responding to force in general. Different intensities of force alter the material’s conductivity, therefore controlling the device response for applications such as medical diagnostic systems, computer touch pads, and music and entertainment devices, among others.

Advanced Thermal Management Solutions

Also on show in the Henkel stand during Productronica India 2016 are high performance Bergquist brand thermal management materials. A complete suite of thermal interface solutions, both in pad and liquid dispensed formats, allows manufacturers to select the medium and thermal conductivity required to comply with specific application requirements.

Visitors to the Henkel booth can learn more about award-winning Gap Pad thermal interface materials, which deliver excellent conformability, low stress and effective thermal control. For processes that require automated, high-volume solutions in addition challenging architecture accommodation, Henkel’s Gap Filler materials provide superior thermal conductivity and ultra-conforming properties. Gap Filler thermal products are well-suited for fragile, low-stress applications including power electronics and discrete devices.

About Henkel

Henkel operates worldwide with brands and technologies in three business units: Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care and Adhesive Technologies. Henkel employs about 50,000 people and reported sales of 18.1 billion € and adjusted operating profit of 2.9 billion € in fiscal 2015.

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Source: Henkel
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