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High-pressure diaphragm pump head from American Lewa

Published on 2002-09-20. Author : SpecialChem


This company introduces a compact diaphragm pump head that reaches pressures up to 11,600 psi using a PTFE sandwich diaphragm and can handle granular suspensions, salt solutions, and viscous fluids to 100,000 cps. The LEWA Series M800 Diaphragm Pump Head features a PTFE sandwich diaphragm that is freely oscillating with position control that allows handling of difficult fluids or applications requiring cleanability. Capable of flow rates to 265 GPM and discharge pressures up to 11,600 psi, there are no perforated support plates in the operating chamber. This pump head is safe against high-suction pressure due to full diaphragm rear support. The pump head incorporates a hydraulic drive with a proven packless sealing plunger design, and can operate continuously up to 20,000 hours, depending upon application.

For more information: contact Kenneth P. McQuesten at 888-LEWA-123, fax 508-429-8615 or e-mail sales@amlewa.com

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