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Huntsman Showcases One-component, Moisture Curing Adhesives at K 2010

Published on 2010-11-02. Author : SpecialChem

Huntsman Advanced Materials is showcasing a rapid manufacturing machine, Araldite® Digitalis at K 2010, Düsseldorf, Germany. The machine can produce large number of highly accurate parts at speed. Araldite® Digitalis is based on micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS) technology and is above than other curing methods available in market.

The benzoxazine thermoset resins represent a new generation of halogen-free materials required for various advanced and fire-resistant applications. The company has been known for its range of multifunctional epoxies, cyanate esters and bismaleimides and the new Araldite® benzoxazine thermoset resins proves the same. The resins feature a unique combination of flame retardancy, dimensional stability, low water absorption, low dielectric constant and high temperature resistance. The resins are environmentally safe and do not release any gases. The products are used in composites, coatings, adhesives and encapsulants manufacturing.

The latest additions to the Araldite® epoxy resin range are Araldite® MY 816 and Araldite® MY 0610 and are also part of the show. Araldite® MY 816 resin provides a good balance between temperature resistance and toughness. Araldite MY® 0610 offers improved stability and much lower viscosity. The epoxy resin based masterbatch technology is also revealed at the show.

Huntsman is exhibiting one-component, moisture curing adhesives - Araldite® 2060 and Araldite® 2061, at the show. The adhesives provide outstanding flexibility and elastic recovery combined with high adhesion properties. The adhesives contain isocyanates free silyl-terminated polymers.

About Huntsman

Huntsman is a global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated chemicals. Its operating companies manufacture products for a variety of global industries, including chemicals, plastics, automotive, aviation, textiles, footwear, paints and coatings, construction, technology, agriculture, health care, detergent, personal care, furniture, appliances and packaging. Originally known for pioneering innovations in packaging and, later, for rapid and integrated growth in petrochemicals, Huntsman today has more than 11,000 employees and operates from multiple locations worldwide. The Company had 2009 revenues of approximately $8 billion.

Written By: Specialchem Editorial Team
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