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I&J Fisnar's precision 50ml twin pack cartridge dispenser

Published on 2003-08-08. Author : SpecialChem


Dispensing small shots of two-part materials accurately from 50ml twin cartridges is difficult due to the problems of material drooling after the shot cycle and unnecessary waste and clean up. It is also difficult to control the shot size using pneumatic or manual cartridge guns. The I&J123-D50 from I&J Fisnar is designed to eliminate the problems of working with 50ml cartridges when accurate and repeatable dispense cycling is required.

The system includes a stepping motor drive coupled by a Hydro-Link to a double contract-ram that enters both barrels of the 50ml cartridge. A control unit houses the stepping motor and a PALM computer for controlling the dispense setup, and incorporates a graphic display to indicate when the cartridge is empty.

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