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IMI Announces Breakthrough "SUMMIT" Technology for Silicon Nitride LPCVD Applications

Published on 2008-12-04. Author : SpecialChem

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Integrated Materials®, Inc. (IMI), a silicon science and technology company, announced a major research breakthrough that will significantly improve performance and extend the life of the companies SiFusion™ brand of ultra-pure polysilicon furnace-ware for Silicon Nitride (SiN) LPCVD applications. The unique patent pending approach is expected to enable unprecedented gains in SiN furnace productivity by dramatically extending the time between preventive maintenance events and reducing particle defects. The technology works by modifying the molecular properties of the polysilicon surface enabling a surface state that is best suited to the promotion of film adhesion and stress management.

"The "Surface Modification and Molecular Incorporation Treatment" (SUMMIT) process is a novel process that increases the adhesive force between the surface of silicon and high stressed films, such as SiN film," said Dr. Sang In Lee, Chief Technology Officer of IMI. "By combining with IMI's proprietary surface treatment, the SUMMIT process enhances the productivity and the performance of IMI's silicon hotzone by giving better particle performance and a longer mean time between clean (MTBC) than Quartz and SiC furnaceware."

Evaluation of the production worthiness of the technology is underway at multiple customer sites in parallel with joint evaluation at IMI's Strategic Marketing partner, Tokyo Electron. IMI believes this breakthrough will extend its lead in performance for SiN applications significantly beyond the reach of its competitors, further demonstrating the technological differentiation of its SiFusion™ ultra-pure polysilicon product line.

"We believe that our new solution will facilitate more effective utilization of batch furnace Silicon Nitride processes at current technology nodes and enable extension of current batch furnace processes to future nodes. This advancement will clearly enhance productivity, but more importantly reduce particles and improve yield," said Daniel Rubin, Chief Executive Officer of IMI. "The development of the SUMMIT process marks the biggest advance in furnaceware since the introduction of SiFusion™ ultra-pure polysilicon furnaceware in 2004".

Furnaceware is the widely used term for consumable parts that make up the process chamber in an LPCVD semiconductor furnace. By adopting the SUMMIT process across its full 200mm and 300mm SiN product line, comprised of towers, pedestals, liners, injectors, baffles and dummy wafers, IMI offers a complete solution to customers in search of a significant improvement in SiN performance and cost.

About Integrated Materials, Inc.

With its patented SiFusion™ technology, Integrated Materials, Inc., Sunnyvale, Calif., is the first and only company to perfect the polysilicon furnace fixtures solution sought for years by the semiconductor industry. Integrated Materials' unique family of SiFusion™ polysilicon furnaceware eclipses traditional quartz and silicon carbide consumables by its ability to increase yield by reducing particles in LPCVD as well as trace metal contamination and slip reduction in high temperature processes

Source: Integrated Materials, Inc.

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