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Improved effect and material compatibility

Published on 2003-02-19. Author : SpecialChem


Bayer Chemicals, a division of Bayer AG, has supplemented its range of Preventol® P grades for in-can preservation with a number of combination products based on bronopol and isothiazolinone. In view of the fact that the use of chloromethylisothiazolinone is restricted by legislation to a maximum of 15 ppm these products have the advantage of allowing this reliable active ingredient to be used further. The increase in potency arising from the synergistic effect of the bronopol/isothiazolinone combination is what makes this possible. Potential problems that might have arisen through the reduced content of isothiazolinone are offset by the presence of bronopol. All the product combinations involved meet the regulatory requirements of the Biocidal Products Directive.

The bronopol product line that was taken over in the process of an acquisition from Union Carbide in 1998 has been modernized to meet today's needs. In addition, new formulations have been developed, including the combination with the active ingredient isothiazolinone, which has long been used successfully in industrial preservation.

As well as having an optimized composition in terms of their effect, all the new products from the Preventol® P range are characterized by improved material compatibilities such as reduced risk of corrosion and high purities. The grades vary according to concentration, mixing ratio and stabilizers contained, thus allowing broad and flexible use. This family of products can be used in numerous applications in industrial preservation such as in paints, adhesives, polymer emulsions, pigment slurries and lithographic fluids. Bayer's technical service center will be happy to provide assistance with the introduction of these modern and cost-effective grades in new products or processes.

Source: Bayer Chemicals

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