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INEOS & BP Sign Agreement to Supply Acetic Acid for Vinyl Acetate Monomer Plant in Saltend

Published on 2012-12-20. Author : SpecialChem

INEOS have announced a new supply agreement with BP for one of the essential raw materials of the Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM) plant located at their joint operations at Saltend, Hull (UK). The agreement secures the supply of acetic acid and services and participates in maintaining the competitiveness of the VAM plant worldwide. INEOS employs around 50 people across its activities at the site.

The Saltend Chemicals Park, is home to one of the largest and most efficient VAM production unit in the world. With a capacity of 300,000 tonnes a year and full integration into its raw materials, it is the only plant of its kind in Europe. INEOS acquired the plant from BP in 2008 and has significantly invested in the technology to further develop the capacity and performance.

The INEOS VAM plant at Saltend Chemicals Park uses ethylene which it gets by pipeline from its steam crackers located in Grangemouth (Scotland) and acetic acid from BP owned plants located on the site. VAM is supplied mainly into UK manufacturing firms and the European merchant market.

"I am very pleased that INEOS and BP have been able to reach an agreement to supply essential raw materials to this important business, at the Saltend Chemicals Park," said Ashley Reed CEO INEOS Enterprises. "I believe this agreement is mutually beneficial to both companies and maintains our competitive advantage in Europe and around the world."

The agreement also reinforces the competitiveness of the Hull site as an attractive platform for Chemicals Manufacturing in Europe. The Chemicals Park at Saltend has undergone a major transformation over the past decade thanks to more than £500M of investment from companies located there.

Vinyl acetate monomer is an intermediate chemical that is important for the production of paints, adhesives, floor covering, paper coatings and acrylic fibres used in clothing. It is also found in products that give laminated glass its important safety feature. Heavy-duty bags, extrusion coating, wire and cable insulation, adhesives and foam all rely on it as a key raw material.


INEOS Enterprises operates the worlds only world-scale fluidised bed vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) plant, using proprietary LEAP technology, The plant was built in 2002 and was the first VAM plant capable of producing 300kt/yr in a single train reactor. INEOS' VAM plant benefits from full integration into all its feedstocks through onsite acetic acid, oxygen and steam production, and operates a pipeline linked into INEOS' UK ethylene system.

From Saltend INEOS supplies VAM to its European customer base through pipeline, road and ship. VAM produced by INEOS Enterprises is used in a variety of industrial processes for applications including:

  • Paints
  • Furniture and flooring adhesives
  • Textiles
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Paper coatings
  • Packaging
  • Safety glass for cars and buildings

Source: INEOS

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