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Innovative Polymers Inc. Extends High-Performance Polyurethanes Family

Published on 2010-11-25. Author : SpecialChem

MICHIGAN, USA -- High-performance polyurethanes systems formulated using polyester and polyether/polyurea-hybrid polyols have been introduced by Innovative Polymers Inc. Each base resin produces a series of materials with a distinct set of handling and performance characteristics.

Both product families are easy to process, cure at temperatures below 150°F and exhibit excellent physical characteristics including high elongation and high tear strengths. Many of the new polyurethanes exhibit resistance to gouging, cutting and abrasive wear. They also offer good chemical and solvent resistance. The materials are pourable at room temperature for easy processing via hand or automated dispensing.

The new materials, which are ideal for use in molding components for amusement park rides, oil/gas/mining equipment and paper/welding/printing machines, form two product series:

  • HP-1000 series: Polyester polyol-based polyurethanes are Shore A hardness systems with easy to mix 1:2 resin:hardener mix ratios and gel times of less than 25 minutes at room temperature. Elongations range from 660 to 800% with tear strengths of up to 325pli.
  • HP-2100 series: The polyether/polyurea polyol hybrids family includes three Shore A systems and a Shore D material. All of the products are tough with excellent abrasion resistance (as low as 3mg loss), elongations from 280 to 990% and tear strengths up to 643pli.

Industrial casting systems

  • Shore A Polyurethane - TD 175-11: Combining low viscosity with a long gel time, this Shore A polyurethane is ideal for potting and encapsulating large masses. The product exhibits low shrinkage. It is black in color.
  • Shore D Polyurethanes -
    • IE 3065 and IE 3066: These two new polyurethanes were formulated to perform like polyester body filler with significantly less odor and no styrene! Both systems are sag resistant, thixotropic pastes with excellent green strength. IE-3065 has a gel time of about six minutes. IE-3066 is a faster system with a three-minute gel time that handles like conventional body filler with a similar demold time. Once cured, both products are very strong with an ultra-high flexural modulus of 635,000psi. The systems are ideal for use as surface coats for silicone glove molds.
    • IE 3068: A good general-purpose polyurethane, IE-3068 has an easy to handle 1:1 resin:hardener mix ratio by weight, a water-like viscosity and a gel time of 13 minutes. It produces white parts with good flexural and tensile properties.
    • IE 3071: An extended gel-time (15-20 minutes) version of faster-setting IE 3030, IE-3071 overcomes some of the issues that have been reported with other products currently on the market. Specifically, it has a longer gel time and cures well with none of the system components separating and dropping out of suspension.
    • IE 3081: This new polyurethane features a gel time approximately 10 minutes longer than competitive systems with no adverse effects noticed even in thin sections. An added benefit is that formulation components remain well dispersed during handling and molding. This prevents leaching of plasticizer onto cured surfaces which can make painting difficult.

Polyurethane foams

  • FM 104: This 3-5 pound density foam packs nicely and is a lightweight, flexible material. It is important that the customer mechanically mixes this material because it must have good shear to form a quality cell structure. If this recommendation is ignored, the material can collapse. It should also be noted that the foam has a very fast 15-20 second cream time that cannot be slowed down.
  • FM 110: A sister product of FM 109, this new foam has a lower viscosity (1,000cP) and is easier to handle with a resin:hardener mix ratio of 1:1 by both by weight and volume.
  • FM 2025: This rigid, 2-3 pound, ultra-low density foam is ideal for packaging applications. With its light weight, the product should be processed using a slight pack to produce good cell structure and optimize strength.
  • FM 2046: The company formulated this polyurethane as a slow version of FM 2045. The cream time is 70-80 seconds versus 35-45 seconds, making the new product ideal for use on large masses.
  • FM 2050 Rigid: White colored FM 2050 is a rigid, 4-5 pound foam that is being used for building outdoor scenes by taxidermists.

High-performance polyurethanes

  • TP 4016: A companion system to TP 4014 and TP 4015 polyurethanes, the new product has a mid-range gel time of 5-7 minutes and meets the requirements of UL 94 V-O as a flame retardant material.
  • TP 4020: This new product is very stiff with an ultra-high flexural modulus of 645,000. It also features high heat resistance with a heat deflection temperature of 263°F.

About Innovative Polymers Inc.

Innovative Polymers specializes in providing technologically advanced polyurethanes. The company also offer its customers a color-match service with a typical 24-hour turn-around time for color proofs. Innovative Polymers was formed in 1992. In 1995, the company opened a 15,000sq-ft manufacturing facility with a fully equipped research and development laboratory and precision quality control testing capabilities.

Source: Innovative Polymers Inc.

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