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It is Projected that the Production of Synthetic Adhesive Materials in China will Increase to 6.3 Million Metric Tons in 2009

Published on 2006-01-18. Author : SpecialChem

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets has announced the addition of Chinese Markets for Adhesives to their offering.

China's demand for adhesives has grown at a fast pace in the past decade. In the next five years, both production and demand will continue to grow. This new study examines China's economic trends, investment environment, industry development, supply and demand, industry capacity, industry structure, marketing channels and major industry participants. Historical data (1994, 1999 and 2004) and long-term forecasts through 2009 and 2014 are presented. Major producers in China are profiled.

This report contains China's macroeconomic trend, business environment, adhesive industry structure and capacity, adhesive production and demand, end-use markets outlook, distribution channels, and major adhesive industry participants. The report contains tables and charts. Key producers are listed and/or profiled. Key research institutes and trading companies are also listed in the producer directory section

In order to understand the market information, government policy and industry situation, all primary research was done in China in order to obtain up-to-date government regulations, market information and industry data. Data was collected from Chinese government publications, Chinese language newspapers and magazines, Chinese chemical industry associations, including Chinese adhesive industry associations, local government chemical industry bureaus, adhesive industry publications, and in-house databases. Interviews were conducted with Chinese industry experts, university professor, and adhesive producers in China.

Historical data includes 1994, 1999, and 2004, long-term development trends are projected to the years 2009 and 2019. Economic models and quantitative methods are applied in this report to project market demand and industry trends. The metric system is used and values are presented in either yuan (RMB, current price) and/or US dollars. The exchange rate for 2004 is based on the annual average rate (8.3 yuan per US dollar). The word "demand" is used interchangeably with "consumption".

The Chinese government has given a high priority to the increase of synthetic adhesive production. In the last 20 year, the Chinese synthetic adhesive industry has achieved great progress by technology research, product development and the introduction of advanced technology and equipment. In 2004, China's output of synthetic adhesives has exceeded 3.8 million metric tons, advancing 12.7% per annum since 1994. It is projected that the production will increase to 6.3 million metric tons in 2009. However, China's synthetic adhesive output cannot fully satisfy the domestic demand, especially on high grade and high-performance adhesive products. Therefore, the country will remain a large importer of synthetic adhesives through the next decade.

Major end use markets for synthetic adhesives include construction, wood processing, automobile, packaging, textile, footwear and etc. As two of the fastest growing sectors in China, the construction and automobile industries will continue to be the major drivers to fuel the demand for synthetic adhesives and to lead the industry in growth. Through the next decade, the Chinese synthetic adhesive industry will focus on the development of high-performance and environmental friendly adhesives.

Topics covered include:

  • Business Environment
  • Adhesive Industry Assessments
  • Adhesives Production and Demand
  • Adhesives Consumption By Market
  • Market Entry Channels
  • Adhesive Producer Directory

Source: Research and Markets

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