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ITW Dynatec at Pack Expo 2017: to Feature its Adhesive Supply Unit for HMAs and more

Published on 2017-09-12. Author : SpecialChem

ITW Dynatec® will feature its latest SIMPLICITY™ Adhesive Supply Unit (ASU) at Pack Expo 2017, Las Vegas Convention Center, September 25-27, Central Hall booth 4012. Three units will be on display at the ITW Dynatec exhibit, with technical representatives available to demonstrate the ASU’s unique features. In addition to ASUs, ITW Dynatec is well known to the packaging industry for its wide range of hot melt adhesive application equipment, which includes filling systems, applicators, nozzles, heated hoses and pattern controllers.

ITW Dynatec at Pack Expo 2017: to Feature its Adhesive Supply Unit

Danette Reliford explains:

“The name ‘SIMPLICITY™' effectively sums up everything this new ASU represents. The system is simple to install, simple to operate, and simple to maintain. This latest evolution in design, performance and operation is in direct response to comments and input we have received from our customers.”

The SIMPLICITY™ design incorporates broad compatibility, enabling users to easily integrate the unit into current manufacturing operations. The ASU employs a single board with simplified V6 controls and a clear easy-to-read display, eliminating the need for extensive training. A relatively compact unit, SIMPLICITY™ features patented Melt-On-Demand™ technology, melting only the required amount of adhesive which greatly reduces char, resulting in less nozzle clogging and reduced maintenance.

The Dynatec Difference

Most suppliers will agree that adhesive degradation is the number one cause of downtime on hot melt equipment. To address this problem, ITW Dynatec has patented a "Melt-on-Demand" system. ITW Dynatec's vertical, unheated hoppers only melt the amount of adhesive required by the application. Most of the hot melt adhesive in the hopper remains at a much lower temperature, perhaps even solid state. The added benefits of melting only the adhesive required are quicker start-ups, reduced energy costs, better viscosity control, and reduced fumes.

Melt-On-Demand Hopper

  • Less Energy Consumption – The Dynamelt uses less energy than conventional equipment by heating only the adhesive in the lower portion of the hopper. There is no need to waste energy and manufacturing time melting/maintaining the entire contents of the hopper.
  • Operator Safety – The adhesive in the top of the hopper remains in a cooler, often solid state and reduces the operator’s potential for burns. Also, adhesive splash-back when filling the hopper is reduced.
  • Faster System-Ready – The Dynamini Series does not have to melt all of the adhesive, so it is ready for operation much faster than conventional equipment.
  • Adhesive Degradation is Greatly Reduced –By only melting the required amount of adhesive, the common problem of charring is minimized. When adhesive is replenished using conventional equipment, the solid, more dense adhesive falls to the bottom of the hopper causing older glue to move to the top of the hopper. By doing this, adhesive is subject to longer heat exposure which is one of the main causes of char. This does not happen with Melt-On-Demand. The molten glue at the bottom of the hopper is used first. Another important benefit is that all of the heat is applied at the bottom of the hopper using Melt-On-Demand, so char build-up on the side walls of the hopper is minimized.
  • Reduced Maintenance – With Melt-On-Demand, equipment maintenance will be reduced. Frequency of Periodic hopper draining to purge char is greatly reduced, and filter and nozzle clogging will be reduced as well.

Seven-Year Hopper Warranty

First introduced by ITW Dynatec in the 1960s, the company continues to evolve and integrate Melt-On-Demand technology through the introduction of solutions like SIMPLICITY™. With Melt-On-Demand, charring and clogging are minimized as the technology only melts and delivers the precise amount of adhesive needed for the application. This enables the system to reach operation-ready status much faster than with other conventional equipment, lower energy consumption, and minimize adhesive degradation.

ITW Dynatec’s new SIMPLICITY™ ASU is available as 4kg, 8kg and 16kg units with melt rates as high as 25 lbs. per hour, while the larger 16kg units can melt up to 50 lbs. per hour. The SIMPLICITY™ can accommodate two, four or six hose configurations for a simple customizable setup. Additionally, the 16kg size is also available as a dual pump base unit.

Reliford concludes:

“In designing this new unit, our goal was to deliver a comprehensive solution that addresses the adhesive application challenges our customers say they experience during the installation and production process.”

The result is a highly applicable unit from a proven provider, one that is well suited for a broad range of adhesive applications in packaging, whether for an emerging company, or an established global organization. SIMPLICITY™ combines all of the most trusted features of ITW Dynatec equipment, with ‘turn it on and walk away’ convenience that represents an outstanding value.

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Source: ITW Dynatec
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