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Kadotoku to Sell Vencorex's Aliphatic Range of Isocyanates for Adhesives in Japan

Published on 2014-06-10. Author : SpecialChem

Vencorex signed a new distribution agreement with Kadotoku in 2014. Kadotoku will be focused on selling Vencorex aliphatic range of isocyanates to the coating, adhesives, sealants and ink market in Japan. “We strongly believe that in market like Japan we need a dedicated partner to support growth and development opportunities” says Per-Erik VELIN, Marketing & Sales Global Director for HDI and Derivatives.

About Kadotoku Corporation

Kadotoku Corporation, established in 1993, has worked as a specific chemical products trading house especially for the polyurethane industry such as printing inks, paint or adhesives not only for Japan but also for Asian countries based on professional technical service.

About Vencorex

Vencorex is the owner of key technologies and a major manufacturer of aromatic (TDI) and aliphatic isocyanates, (HDI, IPDI) and their derivatives, for the polyurethane markets. Relying on a worldwide commercial representation, Vencorex has manufacturing and lab units in France and USA. Vencorex is supported by PTT Global Chemical, Asia’s leading integrated petr ochemical company and the Perstorp Group, a world leader in specialty chemicals market.

Source: Vencorex

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