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Lohmann to Present Innovative Adhesive Solutions for Textiles at International Textile Conf.

Published on 2017-11-24. Author : SpecialChem

With more than 600 participants at the last event, the Aachen-Dresden-Denkendorf International Textile Conference is one of the most important textile conferences in Europe and takes place on a rotational basis at one of the three locations.

From November 30 to December 1, 2017, the international exhibitors will be presenting their new textile products to trade visitors, this year for the first time in Stuttgart. The newcomer this year is Lohmann. For the first time, the “Bonding Engineers” are taking part in the conference with their innovative adhesive solutions for the textile industry.

Lohmann to Present Innovative Adhesive Solutions for Textile Industry

Latent-reactive Adhesive Systems

Until now, sewing as a joining method dominates the textile world. However, every stitch damages the mechanical properties of the textile and its permeability and elasticity are altered. That is why new joining partners are required to successfully combine these high-tech materials. This is where the latent-reactive adhesive systems from Lohmann come into play. The polyurethane adhesive films, so-called Superior Bonding Films (DuploTEC® SBF), not only meet the high safety and environmental requirements of modern industry, but also offer the user enormous freedom of design - even for the bonding of very small surfaces.

Topaz Technology

The “Topaz” technology is in this case particularly suitable for textile applications. Behind these technologies lie adhesive films that already crosslink at low temperatures and short cycle times and are therefore particularly suitable for rapid bonding.

At the Textile Conference, the Lohmann “Bonding Engineers” will present the unique design of this product range. The “Topaz” products are already activated from about 70°C onwards and can therefore realize reliable and durable bonds. The reactive crosslinking mechanism also allows temperature and age-resistant bonds to be achieved for large and small areas.

But innovative products alone are not the solution to the demands of the textile industry. Partners are required who can master and support the complex process from the initial idea to the integration into the customer's production process. Lohmann calls this holistic approach the “Smart Bonding Approach”.

Lohmann’s adhesive tapes are therefore not only available on rolls or sheets, but also as high-precision die cuts. These too will be on display in Stuttgart. From applications for sailing or paragliding sports to repair solutions for softshell jackets, to adhesive solutions for the medical sector (for example surgical drape bonding), the adhesive solutions from Lohmann’s experts round-off the textile portfolio.

In addition, the Lohmann experts have a test setup with them in Stuttgart. This test facility performs load tests on fabrics, in this case a water-column test. At the Textile Conference, visitors can thus experience live which requirements an adhesive tape has to meet for the textile industry.

The participation in the Textile Conference ties in seamlessly with the series of events that Lohmann took part in on the subject of technical textiles in 2017. In March 2017, the first Open Innovation Workshop on technical textiles took place at Lohmann. Here, participants were offered a platform to exchange ideas and technologies and to generate projects. The resulting concept proposals were then presented in May at the leading trade fair, “Techtextil”, in Frankfurt. The participation in the Textile conference will build on these successes.

All in all, the Lohmann experts will be showcasing a wide range of products for the textile industry at the Textile Conference 2017 and are also available for more intensive discussions.

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Source: Lohmann
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