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LORD Corporation Builds New Shanghai, China Plant

Published on 2009-05-19. Author : SpecialChem

LORD Corporation - a global leader in developing passive and active solutions for noise and vibration, engineered adhesives and high performance coatings for the aerospace, automotive and general industrial markets - has moved into its new Shanghai, China plant.

The new facility, located at 9, Luo Gong Road in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, is the first phase of the company's expansion plans. The location of the plant was chosen based on its prime location in the largest chemical industrial park in China. According to LORD China Regional Director ChengJi Peng, LORD built the new 6,037 square meter facility to meet the rapid growth of LORD products, specifically its popular LORD Chemlok® Adhesives product line. The new location replaces LORD Corporation's existing facility located in Zhang Jiang, Shanghai, and expands production capacity as much as three times. More than 10 process improvements have been made to the new facility, including an advanced foam fire suppression system with a centralized computer controlled system for monitoring and controlling most aspects of the manufacturing system, which can simultaneously shut down all processing equipment, pumps and solvent values in the event of an incident. Additionally, a pollution prevention system was installed to capture solvent vapors and expel the vapors into a regenerative carbon collection system rather than expelled into the atmosphere. Numerous automated systems have been installed as well, from a solvent delivery system and drum rollers to process temperature control and material weighing and loading.

Anticipating future growth in the China market, the new facility houses a new 600 square meter technical center. This center supports local product development and provides technical service and customer application support, including quality control. With 2,137 square meters for manufacturing, the new plant also includes a 1,500 square meter warehouse, and 1,800 square meters of office space. The new plant's manufacturing and warehouse can be expanded by 2,231 square meters, along with additional expansion of the technical support center.

"Rapid growth in the China market caused us to reach our capacity at our first plant, leading us here to this new facility," said David Siporin, Vice President, Asia-Pacific. "Now, with more than three times the capacity, we expect this facility to serve the growing needs of the China domestic market and to serve other Asia-Pacific customers as well."

The office building includes offices and meeting rooms, a quality control and instrument laboratory and a dining hall. New lab equipment includes an Instron with an environmental chamber, walk-in spray booth, oven walk-in, injection press, a new 3-roll mill and thermal conductivity equipment. The manufacturing capacity can be expanded by approximately 6000-8,000 tons. Production of LORD Chemlok adhesives is already online and operational, and LORD MetalJacket®, Thermoset and Flocklok® product lines are expected to be in production by 2010.

With a groundbreaking that occurred in August 2007, the expansion was substantially complete in early March. An open house attended by approximately 280 people was held at the new plant on March 16.

"The expansion will increase capacity to meet growing Chinese market demand well into the next decade, while maintaining low inventories," said Siporin. "The local community will also benefit as LORD continues to invest in the region and the economy, providing local people with opportunities for employment."

About LORD Corporation

With headquarters in Cary, North Carolina, USA, and sales in excess of $700 million, LORD Corporation is a privately-held company that designs, manufactures and markets devices and systems to manage mechanical motion and control noise and vibration; formulates, produces and sells general purpose and specialty adhesives and coatings; and develops products and systems utilizing magnetically responsive technologies. With manufacturing in nine countries and offices in more than 15 major business centers, LORD Corporation employs more than 2,500 worldwide.

Source: Lord Corporation

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