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MAPEI Introduces Next Generation UV-resistant Synthetic Membranes

Published on 2011-07-04. Author : SpecialChem

MAPEI, the leading global manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and chemical products for buildings, has introduced a new generation of waterproofing solutions that can be used both above and below the ground. The new generation synthetic membranes - Mapeplan T Mf, Mapeplan T B, and Mapeplan T TU - have been specially developed to address the unique waterproofing requirements of construction projects in the UAE and across the Middle East.

"Waterproofing is a fundamental element in building construction and is a key factor in guaranteeing building integrity. MAPEI has therefore developed a new range of waterproofing solutions that takes into account the distinct requirements of our clients in the Middle East region. Mapeplan T Mf, Mapeplan T B, and Mapeplan T TU are perfect for all weather conditions and have been engineered to deliver optimum environmental benefits," said Vince Robinson, Specification Consultant, MAPEI.

Mapeplan T Mf is a synthetic roofing waterproofing membrane in flexible polyolefin TPO/FPO produced in a single multi-extrusion process, with high-quality raw materials, reinforced with polyester net, fleece backed with 300gr/m2 woven-non-woven polyester. Conforming to EN 13956 standard, Mapeplan T Mf is a mechanically fixed TPO/FPO Roof waterproofing membrane that is suitable for all weather conditions. It has high UV resistance, excellent mechanical properties and 'smart white' reflectance properties, which reduce over 50 per cent of roof temperature and internal building temperature thus promoting significant energy savings.

Mapeplan T B a loose laid ballasted synthetic roofing waterproofing membrane in flexible polyolefin TPO/FPO produced in one multi-extrusion coating process, with high-quality raw materials, reinforced with glass mat. It conforms to EN 13956 standard and is ideal for exposed roof garden systems. Mapeplan T B is also suitable for all weather conditions, has high UV resistance, excellent mechanical properties, 'smart white' reflectance properties and can be used for application on non-compatible surfaces.

Mapeplan T TU, on the other hand, is a non-toxic waterproofing membrane developed for tunnels and underground works with a distinctive damage detecting signal layer. Just like Mapeplan T Mf and Mapeplan T B, Mapeplan T TU features double heat seams that allow pressure test, which confirm membrane integrity prior to being put into service.

MAPEI's latest range of TPO membranes also boasts of excellent green building qualities. The manufacturing process of each product has been found to save up to 30 per cent energy through a cogeneration technique, while 100 per cent recycled water is being used during production. MAPEI also confirmed that 100 per cent of production waste is being recycled, while the waterproofing products use up to 70 per cent less packaging materials, significantly reducing CO2 emissions. MAPEI's TPO membranes have also been specially formulated to help developers acquire LEED certification.

About Mapei

Founded in Milan, Italy in 1937, Mapei is today's world leader in the production of adhesives and chemical products for building. Starting in the 1960's Mapei put its strategy of internationalization into action in order to have maximum proximity to the needs of local markets and reduce shipping costs to a minimum. The Group now counts 67 subsidiaries with 58 production facilities in operation over 27 countries and 5 continents.

Source: Mapei

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