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Merquinsa Develops World First Ether-based Bio TPU

Published on 2008-12-03. Author : SpecialChem

Merquinsa announces the development of the world first ether-based Bio TPU grades at the Bioplastics Awards Conference (Munich, Dec. 3rd & 4th).

This new plant-based development is the last addition to the growing range of Merquinsa's Bio TPU for "Green" injection moulding, extrusion and adhesive applications.

Merquinsa develops World First Ether-based Bio <nolink>TPU</nolink>

These new Bio TPU grades will be marketed under the Pearlthane&reg; ECO brand with a renewable content up to 60 % according to ASTM D6866, and will offer an alternative to petroleum-based TPU and TPE, with excellent mechanical properties, abrasion, scratch resistance, processability and Recyclability.

A preliminary life cycle analysis (LCA) indicates that manufacturing Pearlthane® ECO results in 40 % less global warming emissions.

About Merquinsa:

Merquinsa is a leading thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) specialty producer, providing innovative products for injection moulding, extrusion, calendering, melt coating, compounding and adhesive applications.

Merquinsa was shortlisted in 2007 at EPN's Bioplastics Awards under "Best Innovation in Bioplastics" (Cologne, Germany) and in 2008 at CPI polyurethane Innovation Awards, San Antonio, Texas.

Merquinsa's headquarters are in Barcelona, Spain with regional centres in Asia and North America.

Source: Merquinsa

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