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Microcapsule delivery system available from Schenectady International

Published on 2002-11-15. Author : SpecialChem


Schenectady International Inc. has announced that its microcapsule-targeted delivery system is available for applications outside the field of imaging.

Microcapsules, shell/core composite particles ranging in size from less than a micron to millimeters, are used in a wide variety of industrial, consumer and life science applications. The shell is a "micropackage" for the core, or active ingredient, which can be a liquid, solid or gas.

Diverse markets such as adhesives, curing and crosslinking systems, and personal-care products can benefit from microencapsulation's ability to isolate materials to prevent evaporation, oxidation or premature reaction. Microencapsulation can also mask color or odor, separate reactive materials, extend product storage life, deliver a sticky or tacky material in a non-sticky form, and reduce flammability, toxicity or volatility. Applications for microencapsulation span numerous markets, including chemical, agricultural, consumer, pharmaceutical and food.

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