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Momentive to Introduce Versatile Silicone Technologies For Global Rubber Industry at K 2010

Published on 2010-10-18. Author : SpecialChem

ALBANY, N.Y. -- At K 2010, the annual international trade fair for the global plastics and rubber industry to be held October 27 to November 3, Momentive Performance Materials, a global leader in specialty chemicals and materials, will introduce a range of new silicone technologies for multiple applications, including the aerospace, architecture, automotive, construction, consumer goods, electronics, energy, healthcare and lighting industries.

The advanced silicone solutions that Momentive will feature at its booth (Hall 08a / K43) include:
  • Hardcoat systems - two new additions to Momentive's portfolio of high performance hardcoat systems: a state-of-the-art ultraweatherable thermal hardcoat (AS4700/SHP470 FT2050) and the latest generation of a primerless thermal hardcoat (PHC587C). The former, offering abrasion resistance and long term UV (ultraviolet) protection for polymeric materials, is an excellent candidate to consider for automotive applications and architectural glazing. The latter combines key performance and processing features and can be considered for automotive headlamps and other exterior parts.

  • Silplus* high consistency elastomers - a new portfolio of heat cured, high consistency rubber (HCR) products that are high quality and uniformly made for customers around the world. Silplus EX can be considered for extrusion applications, Silplus MP for multiple manufacturing processes, and Silplus HS for higher performance applications requiring greater strength or enhanced mechanical properties.

  • Custom elastomers - made-to-order, ready-to-use silicone rubber compounds that are produced to meet customers' varying but specific cost, durability and performance standards for a variety of applications. Momentive's custom portfolio is extensive, with offerings in fluorosilicones, addition curing compounds, high heat silicones and low dampening materials, among many others. Recent innovations include new low density grades that can provide weight-saving benefits in aerospace applications; broad selfbleeding liquid silicone rubber (LSR) for wire-harness applications, enhanced with no postcure/low compression set grades in different hardnesses; fuel- and oil-resistant applications targeted with FFSL, a fully fluorinated LSR, available in a full hardness range; and ultra-transparent LSR that is optically clear like glass and can be applied to new lighting solutions.

  • StatSil* antimicrobial elastomers - an award-winning platform of silver-based antimicrobial HCR and LSR products that can be considered for use in a variety of healthcare and consumer goods applications benefitting from built-in antimicrobial protection. StatSil elastomers can be custom formulated to meet specific performance and processing requirements of various devices and components.

  • Silox* 23 silane and PEarlstab* Y-15760 - a new two-component system that can help improve the service life of cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X) potable water pipes used in plumbing, heating and drinking water installations. Benefits include chlorine resistance and minimal effect on the odor and taste of drinking water.

  • Room Temperature Vulcanization (RTV) products - engineered materials, such as silicone adhesives, potting materials, coatings and gels that are valued for their electrical and thermal conductivity, heat resistance and adhesion to plastics and metals. Silicone RTVs are widely used in healthcare, electronics, appliances, textile coating, lighting/LEDs and other industry applications.

  • UV curing platform - a new technology allowing for shorter cure times at low temperatures while maintaining the physical properties of a typical silicone. The diverse product portfolio ranges from extrusion and molding materials to silicone gels for wound care applications. This innovative technology can lead to new opportunities for co-extrusion with thermally sensitive materials, such as low temperature thermoplastics and drugs.

"This is an exciting time to be in the plastics and rubber industry, with new technology setting the stage for numerous innovations in a wide variety of applications," said Robert Gnann, Senior Vice President and Managing Director EMEA and India, Silicones and Quartz, Momentive. "We look forward to our continued collaboration with the industry in delivering new solutions for both ongoing and emerging challenges in the marketplace."

About Momentive

Momentive is a global leader in specialty chemicals and materials, with a broad range of advanced specialty products that help industrial and consumer companies support and improve everyday life. Momentive uses its broad technology portfolio to deliver tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers around the world. The new Momentive was formed in 2010 through the combination of Momentive and Hexion.

*PEarlstab, Silplus, Silox, StatSil and Momentive are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.

Sources: Momentive

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