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MWV Specialty Chemicals to Invest USD 9.3 Million for Innovation Center

Published on 2013-11-05. Author : SpecialChem

With the byproducts of our paperboard packaging business, MWV develops and deploys chemicals for use in energy and transportation infrastructure in key global markets, many of which are growing at record rates. Oilfield chemicals, for example, is projected to increase nearly 6 percent per year hitting $8.2 billion by 2015 (BCC Research).

MWV Specialty Chemicals announced plans to build a $9.3 million innovation center to further expand our capabilities in automotive carbon, adhesives, oilfield chemicals and road construction.

"The new facility will enrich our technical innovation capabilities, positioning our division to serve important global growth businesses in rapidly changing and competitive markets," said Ed Rose, president of MWV Specialty Chemicals. "The center will support our existing North Charleston operations as we continue to expand our product offerings around the world." From beverage multipacks to advanced asphalt technology, insights are at the core of MWV's approach to innovation across the company.

MWV's chemical products are used to develop energy and build roads around the world. Evotherm warm-mix asphalt technology makes it possible to pave roads more safely and more quickly. With MWV's advanced oilfield chemicals, we can extract more oil and natural gas from wells that are hard to reach. Our automotive carbon technology protects the environment from harmful emissions.

Located across the street from the MWV Specialty Chemicals research and development lab in North Charleston, the 27,000-square-foot facility will employ 25 highly trained scientists and engineers. The economic impact for Charleston, where MWV employs more than 400 workers, is appreciated by the community. "It speaks volumes that [MWV] decided to put this high-tech expansion here in South Carolina," said Gov. Nikki Haley. "We celebrate the company's commitment to invest in innovation."

The center is expected to begin operations in early 2015.

About MWV Specialty Chemicals

MWV is a global leader in packaging and packaging solutions. With the power of its employees around the world, the company is everywhere its customers are - operating facilities in 30 countries and marketing its products on every continent.

Source: MWV Specialty Chemicals

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