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New DuPont™ Vamac® DHC Makes Durable Seals, Cures Fast in the Press

Published on 2004-12-30. Author : SpecialChem

The newest addition to the DuPont™ Vamac® ethylene acrylic elastomer family - Vamac® DHC - cures up to 30 percent faster than existing no-postcure grades while improving compression set and oil resistance. Vamac® DHC cures in the molding press, eliminating the cost and delay of traditional oven curing.

"Vamac® DHC was developed for customers who need to minimize cure times while keeping a good balance of oil resistance and heat ageing for seals and gasket applications," said Doug King, market leader, DuPont™ Vamac®, North America. Vamac® DHC also exhibits excellent long-term retention of sealing force (i.e., low compressive-stress relaxation) and low-temperature flexibility.

"Adding a no-postcure offering to the broad Vamac® portfolio provides a more comprehensive family of materials to meet a variety of requirements for different levels of compression set, temperature resistance and other key properties," Doug said.

Vamac® DHC can meet demanding requirements in a wide range of seals, gaskets, hoses, tubes and other parts for automotive and other industrial uses. Potential automotive seal and gasket applications include powertrain, rocker cover and bonded piston seals. Potential hose and tube uses include components for oil coolant, power steering, coolant, crankcase ventilation and coverings for fuel hoses. O-rings, grommets and spark plug boots are additional application examples.

Source: DuPont

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