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New Loctite® High Temperature Threadlockers

Published on 2008-07-30. Author : SpecialChem

For use on threaded assemblies continuously exposed to extreme temperatures, Henkel Corporation has introduced Loctite® 2422™ and Loctite® 2620™, two threadlocking adhesives formulated to withstand heat and stress to 650°F.

These anaerobic adhesives are ideal for use in industrial ovens, heat treatment operations, turbo engines, boiler rooms, refineries, pulp and paper processing, glass manufacturing, and metal fabrication processes.

Loctite® 2422™ is a medium strength threadlocker designed for applications where disassembly with hand tools is desired. High strength Loctite® 2620™ requires short-term exposure to temperatures over 650°F in order to remove the nut and bolt with hand tools.

Both threadlockers are anaerobic pastes that solidify when confined between close-fitting metal surfaces in the absence of air. These adhesives prevent loosening from shock and vibration, eliminate leakage, and withstand exposure to harsh fluids. The products are available in convenient syringe packages for easy dispensing.

For more than 130 years, Henkel has been a leader with brands and technologies that make people's lives easier, better, and more beautiful. Henkel operates in three business areas -- Home Care, Personal Care, and Adhesives Technologies -- and ranks among the Fortune Global 500 companies. In fiscal 2007, Henkel generated sales of $19.218 billion and operating profit of $1.975 billion. Our 53,000 employees worldwide are dedicated to fulfilling our corporate claim, "A Brand like a Friend," and ensuring that people in more than 125 countries can trust in brands and technologies from Henkel.

Source: Henkel Corporation

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