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New Range of Methacrylate Structural Adhesives Launched by Scott Bader

Published on 2010-09-22. Author : SpecialChem

Scott Bader participated at 'Composites Europe' and 'China Composites' shows and displayed new range of Crystic® Crestabond primer-less methacrylate based structural adhesives. Crestabond products are universal adhesives, designed to bond GRP and other composite parts, as well as for bonding metals and plastics.

The unique benefit offered by the Crestabond range is that they work without the need for lengthy surface preparation, such as grinding, or the application of a primer. The only surface preparation required is to wipe clean all the contact surfaces to be bonded with a solvent to remove any contaminants, such as grease and dirt. Published mechanical performance data shows that there is no compromise in bond strength performance; when fully cured Crestabond adhesives demonstrate a tensile strength of up to 18 MPa with an elongation of over 100%.

According to Scott Bader, significantly improved productivity and lower overall assembly costs can be achieved by bonding parts with Crestabond. This is possible due to the combination of the minimal surface preparation needed plus their fast cure rate. A new Crestabond customer, who has proved this for themselves, is the Dutch boat builder Interboat NL, which makes sloops, tenders and cruisers up to 10.5m long.

Earlier this year, Interboat successfully trialed Crestabond M1-20, convincing their skeptical production manager, Mr. Wim Kooman, that bonding with Crestabond is a much faster and cleaner option. The Crestabond M1-20 grade recommended for the trial, which has a 16 - 22 minute working time, fully cured in 70 minutes from being first applied. A 60% reduction in the overall assembly time was reported by Interboat when bonding a 2.2m x 1m GRP engine foundation part into the hull of their 5.7 m long fibreglass sloop compared with their traditional glass and resin over laminating process; shop floor conditions were also improved. Interboat is now looking to use Crestabond in other larger applications, such as for deck to hull bonding.

The Crystic Crestabond range is aimed at manufacturing companies in the bus, truck, rail, construction, marine and wind energy markets looking to use a tough, high performance gap filling structural adhesive that bonds reliably long term, but which can also be cost effective overall. An additional benefit from using an adhesive like Crestabond is that a FRP manufacturer can also improve shop floor working conditions; using an adhesive for assembly rather than over laminating eliminates grinding dust, reduces styrene emissions and provides a cleaner shop floor environment.

All Crestabond adhesives in the current range have a 10:1 mix ratio, supplied in a choice of pack sizes from 380ml coaxial cartridges, which can be applied using manual or pneumatic hand gun applicators, to bulk pack sizes in 25 litre kegs or 200 litre drums for use with proprietary dosing machines.

The range of Crestabond adhesives is a new addition to the Scott Bader portfolio, building on over 25 years of proven adhesives technology experience in composite applications with its well established range of Crystic Crestomer® urethane acrylate adhesives. Mr. Ian Lancey, Global Business Manager, Adhesives for Scott Bader commented: "After two years of R & D work, successful field tests and positive feedback from a number of already established customers using Crestabond, we know that we have an excellent methacrylate adhesives range."

There are five Crystic Crestabond primerless adhesives in the current range, offering manufacturers a choice of working times from 5 minutes up to 90 minutes and structural gap filling up to 50mm.

About Scott Bader

Scott Bader was established in 1921, a Euro 220 million multinational chemical company, employing 600 people worldwide. The headquarters is near Northampton, England. It has a purpose-built, state-of-the-art Research & Development Center, plus Technical support facilities that provide product evaluation, testing and application support to the customers.

Source: Scott Bader

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