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Novacel offers 9373 Self-Adhesive Film

Published on 2003-10-07. Author : SpecialChem


As the demand for innovative industrial surfaces continues to grow, so does the need for dependable surface protection solutions. The French company Novacel is introducing its latest solution, Novacel 9373.

This new self-adhesive film is specially designed for the protection of metal sheets (stainless steel, aluminium, precoated metal) and plastic profiles used in the building, appliance, automobile, and electronic industries. NOVACEL 9373 is a 50 micron black and white film that - due to its backing with a polyolefine base - provides strength and durability at a lower cost. The self-adhesive film can print company trademarks, logos, advertising messages or technical information on the film upon request. The company supplies 9373 in rolls, 3,300 feet long and up to 8.5 feet wide.

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